Aggy V-Diet Staring 1/03/09


Alrighty then…the time for me has come…i will still hold on with the diet till the beginning of the month as i need some money to buy supps…but the decision has been made…and hopefully posting a blog is making me credible…:slight_smile:
will see how it goes…
i will post my measurements and pics soon…

V-Diet Training: Q & A

ohh…can i just ask…i decided to go on a diet on the 1st of march…have been eating clean consistantly for the last year with minor hick ups…but anyway…for some reason i gave myself permission to literally pig out for the last 2 days…so now i am thinking maybe i should just start straight away with the diet as i am already getting softer…

is it only me…or is there someone there that would have this last muffin or that last chocolate bar…???
ohh and for some reason i crave sweets…for savoury i can eat clean no probs…but with sweets i am baaaaadddd…and i mean it…i am just hoping that the V-Diet can help change my sweet tooth…:slight_smile:


Welcome aboard and keep us posted!

For the record, I “went out with a bang” when I first formulated the V-Diet. Pigged out the day before starting it.

Not saying this is the right thing to do, or the smart thing to do, but hey, it happens!


I’m starting Friday and I have been trying to eat my fill of bad things this week. I had to stop as I was feeling aweful! lol But it’s not sweets for me, fresh baked bread & pasta are my weaknesses. Good luck!


Hi guys…thanks for some words of wisdom Chris…i am counting on all of you guys during my journey as i know there will be moments of weakness…although reading other blogs it seems that the diet is fairly simple…but i supposed simple as opposed to easy…:slight_smile: well let see how it goes…


How’s it going Aga? Have you started?


Hey diverdog…thats for stopping by…yes i have started…and am posting my measurements and pics today…i actually started Tuesday due to some unforseen circumstences…and ohhh buy there will be more coming as i go on…:slight_smile:


Front 04/03/09


back 04/03/09
i feel a bit exposed…but i guess the part of the process is to make yourself accountable…scary though…:frowning:


side 04/03/09
ok…thats the last one…thank god…:0)


pics taken this morning…
and here go the measurements…
thats even scarier…:frowning:

height 172cm / 5"7
weight 76.2kg / 168 pounds
waist (navel) 74cm
hips 102.5cm
thigh R 62.5cm
thigh L 62cm
calf R 38.5cm
calf L 39.5cm
biceps 29cm
neck 35cm


Day 1
Wasnt as bad as i thought…did my NEPA walk in the morning no probs…its strange though to suddenly switch from running to a fast walk…its almost like not working out:)…but came back all sweaty anyway…
the shakes were ok…but i must say that with my sweet tooth i was thinking of savoury foods yesterday…felt a bit sicklish at the end of the day
Slept very well…took ZMA though…but i guess i am not depleated yet so will see how i get on futher down the week


Aga, glad you are on board. The posting of pix & measurements is embarasing but the public comittment is a powerful motivator.

I’m sure your transformation will be well worth the effort!


You’ve got the first day under your belt…good job!

If you continue to be hungry, ask yourself first, is it really hunger? Is your stomach growling, or is it judt psychological. At times, I “think” I am hungry, when really my mind is just craving junk food.

Another suggestion, make sure you are adding some form of sugar-free fiber powder or tablets with each shake. This will help fill you up. Also, don’t forget to try mint tea with Splenda and fiber added. It may take a whole month, but if you don’t cheat, you’re cravings will change-for the better.


hey sobrie2 thanks for the advice…

i have got day 3 ahead and it is going really good so far…

you are actually right…the hunger is more psychological so after day 2 i feel pretty good…the shakes are great…they taste great and they feel me up…

ohh boy it will be fun…:wink:

however yesterday i did my first workout and i have to say a bit disappointed…but only because i think i didnt go heavy enough…
i will try to adjust the weight tomorrow…
did my NEPA in the morning and love it…

here in London it is starting to get warmer and the morning NEPA feels like meditation…absolutely wonderful…but then i miss my cardio after workouts…these workouts are really short (obviously intense) and i used to spend so much time in the gym…

anyway just had my 2nd shake…i drink them all warm…it tastes like hot chocolate and i feel a bit cold these last few days i suppose from lack of solid food so that really warms me up…:slight_smile: tasty

Lets see how it gets going…i will keep it updated everyday as it keeps my mind buy and i need to say this…BIG THANKS to all of you guys…it really motivates me to read your stories and blogs as we all struggle at moments…


day 4 is here

guess what…im feeling great…doing everything as i should:)…
today however i feel really energised…
did my 30min NEPA at lunch had my shake afterwards…still love the taste specially with grounded flaxseed…yummy…

gym tonight at 6pm (workout 2)
ps.i can only do it as i noticed the muscle aches from workouts come a bit delayed like a day or 2 after…so yesterday felt the workout from wed so i recon tomorrow i will feel todays workout:)hahaha

im going out tonight first time in weeks i actually feel like seeing people…:)every other time i was on a cutting diet i could not be bothered to go out as i felt really weak…but not today…

come on FRIDAY feeling…:)lets have some fun…(obviously no drinks or food just some good music and friends)yuppie…


Hmmmm… workouts 2 & 3 in the intermediate really kicked my butt. But the soreness wasn’t as bad.

I went out for my HSM last night. I’m a foodie but I never knew how orgasmic food could be!

Back on the wagon today no problem.

Enjoy yourself tonight.


ok now it is day 8 of the diet…i havent been updating for a while as i am in the middle of house move…as i mentioned will happen

the diet is actually very covenient in these circumstances as i have an empty fridge and an empty apartment…

more updates later today ot tomorrow…gotta go back to work…


Great to see your sticking with the plan! Good luck.


Great work sticking with it during a move! How are your first week results?