Age Group for Starting V-Diet


So im a 16 yo male, and ive been on T-Nation for a little while. I want to do the V-Diet just to lose some of my season weight (i play football and theres not a whole lot of time to eat right). After the season i was thinking of throwing or maybe entering some local powerlifting competitions. I know im young and all but im a senior, 6’2" and 205, reasonably lean, not ripped or anything. Ive done some research and it doesnt look like theres anything in the supps that would harm future hormone secretion, metabolism, or muscle growth. I would ask my dad but hes in afghanistan, thats why im posting on here. Anyways thanks in advance and please excuse all the grammar and spelling issues, im typing on my iphone.


You need to be 18, sorry. (See label on HOT-ROX component.)

Plenty of diet and training programs here to help you, all for free. Something like Metabolic Drive would be fine, but you don’t need the full V-Diet.