After Years Talk, Changing My Life

Well since freshman year, I would start a diet or routine in the gym and say I would stick with it, that next school year or next summer would be different and I would be confident and feel good about myself. Did it happen? No. I’d get comfortable where I was, or just be a weak unmotivated slacker with wants and desires with no will power or motivation to do anything about it.

Finally, all of that’s going to change and I’m going to kick it off with the Velocity Diet 3.0.
I started Monday March 9th, weighing in at 230 lbs. I’m 19 and 5’9. I’ve ordered the entire package except I’m using another method for the fat burner.

Hope this works this time around, I’ve never felt more motivated.

HOT-ROX is the bomb IMO…others pale in comparison… If you’ve tried it, more power to ya…otherwise, change your mind!

[quote]ruggerjb wrote:
HOT-ROX is the bomb IMO…others pale in comparison… If you’ve tried it, more power to ya…otherwise, change your mind![/quote]

Ephedrine Caffein Stack is definetly more effective then HOT-ROX, but it has it’s side effects. It’s more effective than the HOT-ROX, but to be on the safe side and avoid a lot of strong caffein and thermo sides, HOT-ROX is the way to go.

So, day 2 ended. I kinda strayed off, had sunflower seeds earlier when I was stuck at work x.x Everything else here out is word for word.

I dropped the natty peanut butter later in the day, so I saved a few cals, and the fat content is pretty close to being the same so it shouldn’t be bad.

However, I weighed in at 230 the morning of day 1 and now I’m weighing in at 220 the next day? Fast drop in water weight? I normally only weigh in once a week but I felt a light lighter and not bloated at all so I decided to check it it. =) day 2 down!

I’ve been meaning to keep the posts frequent, work has been crazy with 12 hour shifts so I’ve been dead. Still following the diet and making the gym.

Yesterday I felt sick to my stomach, very physical day at work so I gave into having my hsm Thursday instead of Saturday.

As of today, I’m down to 215 from 230 since monday, I mustve lost all my water weight because I feel a whole lot thinner, tool belt is way more loose and next belt loop. Can’t wait til the first week down!

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