After V-Diet


Back from Telluride - 100% adherence - That was a challenge to keep it going during a ski vacation, mission accomplished.

I am in my fourth week and beginning to think about week seven and my next phase in my new lifestyle and thought I would ask some “I am an idiot” questions.

Background: In reasonable good shape in 2001 at 185 and 11% B.F 6 ft tall. Fell off the wagon, got run over and lost until 12/08. When at age 41 and 211 and God only knows what B.F. I started to eat clean again and work out at home with a bowflex. By 1/09 down to 205 and remembered the serious limitations of home gyms.

Fast forward today, rejoined my gym and am in week 4 of the V-diet, current weight of 187ish. I suspect by the end of the V-diet I will be down around 183 and plan to get Bod Podded for B.F. and base metabolism.

As I have lost the fat it is alarming to see how much hard earned muscle I have lost over the years of not training and wagon searching. My plan is to start your Quality Mass Diet and then design a lifting plan using “How to Design a Damn Good Program”.

All that being said if you have a new canned program in the works for muscle like what was built for V-Diet 3.0 that would probably make more sense than me figuring it out.

Long term goal would be to work between 8 and 12% body fat while adding lean muscle with an eye toward 195lb and 8%, with excellent cardio health. I think that should be achievable over the next year or two, then reassess for next phase of improvement.

If you need a test dummy, for such a program I am willing and able to commit. My personality is one of the all or nothing type and I have finally chosen to be different and be all in on the right side.

So, anything in the works for “after v-diet” and if not where should I post my draft plan and ask the idiot questions without getting flamed? Any help, thoughts and direction for my next phase would be great.

Thank you as always for your help and guidance.


[quote]jdhoyt wrote:

Back from Telluride - 100% adherence - That was a challenge to keep it going during a ski vacation, mission accomplished.[/quote]

That’s great! Not an easy task to stay on target during vacation!

That sounds like a good plan. No canned program in the works at the moment, but if you like the Velocity style of training, check into Coach Waterbury’s “Huge in a Hurry”:

Coach Thibaudeau also has some great programs in the archives that would go along well with a clean bulk.

Excellent - Thanks Again…

I will post a couple pics and stats at the end of week 6.

Chad’s book is on order.


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