After V-Diet?

I’m looking for a diet and training program to try after V-Diet transition next week.

Recovery is difficult for me to balance.
I have a history of injuring my neck/t-spine just as I start making progress with upper body pressing strength. I chose the advanced workouts for V because I have been fairly consistent for 6 years, but last fall’s workouts taken from the Starting Strength program seemed to prove there’s plenty of untapped strength progress if I can manage my upper spinal recovery.

My recovery during V-Diet was much better than the usual. The higher protein intake, the workout structure, V was pretty different than what I’d been doing. I feel like I was told to stick to basic stuff and therefore didn’t vary enough for my recovery over the years.

34 years old
BF is around 10%
I have spent most of my time on simple 2 day splits or 3 full body routines per week.
I have to train first thing in the morning. I have a physically demanding job and then 2 boys after that.

Since the V-Diet had you training full body 3 x per week plus a V-Burn day, then I’d suggest more of a split program - just to be different than what you have been doing on the V-plan. 13 years of archived program available here, so just choose what best fits your goals.

As for diet - well, eat clean but adjust cals according to goals. You don’t have to be “on a diet” really. Most V-Diet just eat HSMs all day.

As for morning training, be sure to get some pre-workout nutrition in. You’re not going to build any muscle training in a fasted state, but you probably knew that. I suggest Surge Workout Fuel if you’re in a rush and don’t have time for solid foods.

Thank you. I’ll try the Workout Fuel, too.

I’ve done a number of V-Diets and so far what I’ve been doing since my last one ended in May has really continued the changes in my physique. I really like this one:

[quote]das Riplomat wrote:
Thank you. I’ll try the Workout Fuel, too.[/quote]

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