After V-Diet - Indigo 3G or More V-Diet?


Hi Chris,
I finished the V-Diet the week before last and was really pleased with the results (down 17 lbs and lost 7.5 inches off my beer gut!).

I’m now wondering where to go next because I still have some belly flab and want to get rid of it. I was considering another V-Diet but the thing is that I’m also going to be ramping up my training for a Tough Mudder in September ( as well as keeping up my martial arts training. My weekly schedule is going to look something like this:

Mon: Weight training+tabata circuits
Tues: Kung fu (sparring)
Wed: Weight training+complexes
Thurs: Running + Kung fu
Fri: Weight training+tabata circuits
Sat: Running+circuits (2hrs) then Sparring (2 hrs)
Sun: Rest

During the time I was on the V-Diet the only exercise I was doing was the prescribed workouts. One thing I found during week 1 of the transition phase of the V-Diet, which is when I resumed my martial arts training, was that I was exhausted and it was only during week 2 when I was eating 2 HSM’s that I managed to be able to complete workouts without feeling like the walking dead.

I’ve been looking into Indigo 3G but I’m not certain (or maybe I’ve missed the comments) whether it would be applicable to a training regime that involved additional training outside of the weight room.

Do you think I could use Indigo 3G or should I dial back, go on the V-Diet and then ramp up again?



PS. I’m still doing the NEPA walks every morning before breakfast - it’s great to be out in the sunshine every day! (this is coming from someone who grew up in rainy England and now lives in California :wink:


Indigo-3G is definitely the way to go. You can eat plenty of clean carbs with it, still lose fat and build muscle, and it ramps up work capacity.

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