After V-Diet Advice?

I haven’t been posting but I’m just getting into week 4 of the V-Diet. I’m a 46-year-old guy who hasn’t been really serious about training since I left the military about 20 years ago. I started the diet at 173 pounds and about 21% body fat and now I’m 163 pounds and just under 13% BF, I also lost about 2 inches off my waist. I feel great and definitely see a change in body composition but I’d really like to get back down to about 10% BF. So here is my question… Do I repeat the V-Diet again, modify it or do something else completely.

Next week after I’m done with the diet I am starting a 7-week swimming training program that will have me swimming 3-days a week for about 1-1.5 hours each workout. One thought I had was to just replace my NEPA walks on those days with the swims, bump up to the intermediate workouts, add another shake on those days to compensate for the calorie loss, and keep everything else the same. I really like the simplicity of the diet and it fits my life really well since I’m so busy but is it helpful to keep going with this diet? After my swimming is done I’m thinking of switching to 5-3-1 to add some mass. Or should I just switch now? Maybe try another program?

Training and/or diet advice would be awesome! Any ideas?

Any one of them can work. Repeat it as-is, which some people do to really crackdown and focus on the fat loss since they’ve got the hang of it and re-training taste buds/reinforcing better food choices isn’t an issue at that point.

Modify it, the most common way is what used to be called “V-Diet Lite”, basically swap one shake for an extra HSM every day. More practical lifestyle-wise, and only slightly more daily calories which isn’t as much of an issue since you’re coming into it in better shape.

Or jump to any other well-designed fat loss plan. There are tons of them on the site.

There’s no real wrong answer, just a matter of what you’ll stick with. Some people are mentally done with so many daily shakes and are ready to get back to more meals and some people thrive on the simplicity of the shakes.

So yeah, based on that and with all the swimming coming up, I’d probably go the “V-Diet Lite” route. You still get the nutritional autopilot from the shakes, plus the extra HSM to manage recovery from the swimming.

Awesome Chris that is what I was leaning towards myself so It sounds like a plan. Thanks for the help!

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