After the V-Diet


Where do you go after the V-Diet to continue to lose weight and get ripped? I was reading Gus Pancho’s transformation and it says he did the V, then a program by Thibaudeau, then a 6 Day Shred. I’m hoping to look good in 4 months like he did, but I’m just not sure where to go. I’ve been reading Waterbury’s Sprints/Hit a Heavy bag routine for cardio and think that might be a good place to begin, but I’d love to know the best way to continue on for rapid fat loss.


It’s up to you. I’d suggest the 100 Gram Carb Cure for diet:

For training, there are endless options to choose from at TNation. Since you’ve been doing full body workouts with the V-Diet, I always suggest trying something with a split. (Always good to rotate between those.)

Just remember, there is no real “best way.” It’s mainly about what you eat, consistency of diet/training, and the effort you put into the workouts. High effort + crappy training program will give you better results than low effort + “best” training program.

So, pick something that excites you and challenges you.


I swear I’m not a Chad Waterbury undercover trying to sell my product, but I had really good success with Body of Fire. It has an included nutrition plan which is basically Chris 100 gram plan, but it’s some good lifting and sprinting programs.


Thanks for the Waterbury B.o.F. update. I’ve been looking at the program but I think Chad needs to hire a better web designer because the Body of Fire page has “late night infomercial” written all over it. I’m a huge skeptic of a product when its site looks like the thousands of others I’ve seen. I think Waterbury is brilliant when it comes to his training so I may purchase it.

I’m excited about the idea of hitting a heavy bag coupled with sprints. It just makes sense that it would work. If MMA athletes, boxers and kick boxers are all ripped from it, then I’m in. I’ve got 5.5 months in order to make drastic changes and I hope this is the right move.

BTW, it’s nothing health related, it’s superficial.


I second Body of FIRE, if only because I’m returning to it this week after seeing great results in the 8 weeks I stuck with it last summer. (Mid-July-Mid-September).