After Much Consideration, V-Diet It Is

Got a million excuses why I’m fat. 3 years in a job where I traveled a lot, now a much better job but working midnights. blah blah blah, I got fat and lazy. Messed around with spurts of training that kept my strength up somewhat.

3 1/2 years ago when I moved to OK, I gained 60lbs of fat while losing muscle, driving 4-7 hours a day, eating junk on the road.
Lost 25lbs just from the job change without even working out.

Going to ‘swing’ shift in about a month, and with that consistent schedule I will begin the V-diet again. Last time was in '06 and it worked great.

I will be starting the beginner training now before starting the full-fledged v-diet so I can get used to moving weights again and get some of the soreness out of the way.

May go into the intermediate training in a month when I start the drinks.

Feel like I’ve been trying to start a gas lawn mower with all the times I got motivated to train again, then died out. Each month back was like another stalled pull on the motor’s string.

The outlined transition off of it looks great and I think that will help a lot with my future goals. I will most likely go back into the 5/3/1 program once I lose a bunch of fat and will do sprints with it to keep the fat off and maybe lose some more. Anyway, that’s then, this is now.

I’m done over-thinking things. V-diet----->transition period------->5/3/1. Doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Keep us posted!

wow, it’s been so long since I squatted, I’m sore as hell just from dumbbell squats!
Feels good though.

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