After 2 Week Transitional Phase


I’m currently doing the V-Diet along with the intermediate workouts. My question is what is a good work out that I maybe able to get from this website that would allow me to continue to get more ripped. I’m doing a good diet and looking to not Bulk up to much but just stay cut and keep my mid-section area in check. I would like to get down to 190lbs and maintain that. I’m 5’10 and also what would be a good supplement?

this thread has a lot of good routines in it. Also there’s tons by authors under the articles section.

It won’t be so much about the training as it would be about the diet. Still, there are a number of good training plans here at TNation. Hard to suggest just one with 13 years worth in the archives! Look up “complexes” and you’ll find a couple of good ideas.

As for supplements, nothing beats Indigo-3G. Nothing.

Thanks Chris, I actually read up on Indigo-3G before I read your response and I ordered it today. However should I wait before I star taking and come off the V-Diet first?

Yes, finish the V-Diet up first because Indigo needs more carbs to work efficiently. When you can, start up your Indigo log and join us in the Live Coaching area on the front page. Lots of former V-Dieters have been our most successful Indigo users.

I checked out the Indigo page I received the link after ordering it. Chris I know the results vary from person to person but can anyone on here tell me if the indigo is good for attacking the mid-section/ love handles? I’m toned up and really dropping weight with the V-Diet, down from 213lbs to currently around 200 but would like to see more improvement in the love handles and possibly get to around 190-195 as a holding weight but slimmer mid-section with the muscle tone I already have.

I know this sounds similar to my previous question but just curious about what I should expect from the Indigo that all.

You cannot really spot reduce.

Don’t say “toned” unless you’re a 50 year old female.

Stop focusing on scale numbers. Focus on how you look in the pics and the mirror.

Indigo: More muscle, less body fat, better ability to handle more carbs and more calories, ability to trainer harder and more frequently, food put to work instead of being stored as fat. In other words, body composition changes.

Thanks Chris. I ordered the Anaconda, and MAG-10 today. So I will be taking that and using the Indigo-3G as well once I’m done with the V-Diet. I appreciate you answering the questions and I have been able to get some really good workout info from the site. I will be joining the Indigo-3G forum soon. I will post pics once my V-Diet is complete.

Good to have you on board, ariesnc!

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