Advise to First Time Velocity Dieters

I am just finishing the Velocity Diet (5 days to go) and thought it might be useful to post a few words of advice for those contemplating this diet (before I forget. First, the diet works without a doubt… by the time this is is over, I will have lost nearly 25 lbs! (206 to 181 plus or minus). So here are my words of advice.

First, before starting, do Chris’ recommended weigh in AND measurements or better yet, go have a body composition analysis done (DEXA scan if available). Second, I have likely lost some muscle or so it seems by my lifting and I take full responsibility for this because I stopped following the RX exactly… that means I actually lowered my caloric intake because making the shakes was a pain! I was down to three shakes a day which is not enough to limit loss of muscle~ at those intakes, your body has to use anything and everything to live… so follow the plan exactly in order to maximize fat loss and muscle preservation.

Lastly, prepare yourself mentally for this probability. After your once weekly “healthy meal” prepare yourself to be hungry again, much like you will be during the first three or four days of this diet. It won’t last as long but this is a particularly vunerable time for dieters… the “well, maybe just one bite won’t hurt…” kind of vunerable. Prepare for a challenging day or two after your healthy meal.

Other than that, if you follow this plan exactly, you will lose body fat… for the record, I am 55 years old and worked out most of my life struggling to keep in the 13% body fat range (while my workout partner who ate and worked out exactly like me held steady in the 5-6% range- life just ain’t fair my friends:-)…

Most of my life, I probably hovered around the 20% mark in spite of eating a near perfect diet (veggies and lean clean protein) and working out hard…but I think this diet has been amazing! I suspect that I am near 10% now and I am planning to do this crazy diet one more time later this fall after focusing on building a bit more muscle. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or thoughts! Dave Noel

Good advice Dave! I am just on my first day and I can already tell it’s going to be a steep hill to climb. I just keeping grabbing at that last little bit of flab on my stomach and saying to myself ‘when this is all over, you’ll be gone’. It’s always great hearing from people who’ve finished the diet with great results, makes me thirsty for the same thing!

Thanks for the advice! I’m nearly 58 years old and into my second week of this diet. Let’s face it, the older we get the harder it is for our bodies to let go of the fat!!

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