Advice to Prepare?


I’ve been lurking on this forum for awhile, finally made the decision to take the plunge and ordered my stuff this morning. I’m thinking it will probably arrive next Wednesday so I am hoping to get started on 4/23 or 4/24. I can’t wait to see what this transformation brings! I’ll post pictures and stats later this evening or tomorrow.

So as I wait for my goods to arrive, anyone have any advice on what I could be doing to help prepare myself? Thanks!

Regarding training, I’d do a practice run on the workouts from now until you start. That way, you can gauge how much weight you’ll need for each of the movements.

Regarding food, there are two different lines of thought. Some eat clean and some even drink a few shakes beforehand for a better transition. I, on the other hand, went nuts the night before and ate a ton of food. I’m 2 days away from finishing the diet, so that pre-diet binge certainly didn’t hurt me.

Good luck!

Hey jo3, cool avatar! Took me a few minutes to figure it out :-).

I have some Metabolic Drive at home, I was planning on having shakes for my last meal to prep before I receive my stuff next week.

That’s a good idea about the workouts, thanks! Oh, and congrats on your near finish on the V-Diet!

ya i did what joe advised you to do it definately helps!

good luck (er luck doesnt have anything to do with it so ill say stay committed and update us as often as you can for support it really helps)

Nothing can prepare you for the greatness!

:smiley: I just pigged out on like 3 of my favorite meals. But everyone is different.

I like the workout idea to get some good weight numbers for when you start.


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