Advice Selecting The Proper Supplement


I am looking for advice as to what supplement or supplements I should take in order to meet my desired goals.

I’m a 46yr old male. I currently weigh 206.6lbs. Not sure of my BF% but it is around 20%.

I train S&C 3 times a week (MWF) for roughly 90 minutes per session. Additionally, I train Brazilian Jim Jitsu (BJJ) twice a week (Tue & Thur). Depending on my schedule I train both days in the morning, but I usually get at least another training session one of those evenings. Thus I get in 3 BJJ training sessions per week. My BJJ training sessions range from 60 minutes to 90 minutes depending on how many are in class and how much sparring we do after class.

I work with a nutritionist and we’ve recently found success with me eating an unlimited amount of protein and good fats while limiting my carbs to just from vegetables (no starches or sugars). On an average day I consume roughly 175g of Protein, 160g of Fat, and <30g of Carbs (roughly 2,260 calories). We have tried various combinations of macros, but it wasn’t until my carbs dripped below 30g per day did any significant results occur.

With respect to my medical history; I suffer from a mild form of depression and I am on Lexapro for this. I also have a benign cyst on my pituitary gland thus my body doesn’t produce the proper amount of testosterone. I am currently doing TRT. Based on my mid cycle T-levels my doctor has me receiving a TRT shot every 3 weeks. As a side effect of the TRT I have to take Doxycycline Hyclate for bad acne. My doctor also has me on Anlodipine (for blood pressure) and Pravastatin (for cholesterol). I also take Ambien because I have HORRIBLE insomnia. I’ll take my Ambien at about 8:30/9:00pm and by 11pm my mind is quiet enough to allow me to sleep.

On days I train S&C I eat breakfast at about 8:30am, eat lunch around 12 noon, Train at about 2pm or 3pm, I eat a snack post workout, I eat dinner around 6:30pm, and then a light snack at 8pm before I take my medications. On the days I train BJJ I don’t eat my first meal until I get home from training at around 12:30pm. I then get most of my eating in prior to 5:30pm. I’ll eat a moderate size fealty snack when I get home form my evening BJJ training at 9:30pm/9:45pm.

For the most part I want to be the best that I can possibly be regarding my BJJ training. I am currently a 3rd degree Purple Belt and I want to reach Black Belt or higher. I haven’t competed in a BJJ/grappling tournament in almost 5yrs. The last time I competed I was a newly awarded Blue Belt. During my competition years I’ve won 3 silver medals and 3 bronze medals, but I’ve never won gold. I want to win a BJJ tournament at least once. At my current level the competition is going to be hard. So I need to be in decent shape to compete at a high level.

With respect to my appearance, I want to look good with out a shirt. My legs and arms are nicely defined, but my mid-section and chest region doesn’t look that good. I carry most of my excess weight in my lower back/love handles and lower belly. There is also some unsightly fat deposits in the “man boob” region (especially under my arms). I don not have a “targeted” weight, rather I want to be real lean (somewhere in the 10% to 12% body fat range).

Based on the above information what supplements would you recommend? Additionally, how much of each recommended supplement should I take and when should I take it for the best results. Please note that I have tried Hot Rox in the past and after about 3 days of taking it I felt horrible. I had real bad nausea. But then I feel the same when I take other fat burners. They just don’t agree with me. Also, last year I tried another company’s product line and it really impacted my sleep. Even Ambien couldn’t get me to sleep.

Thank you for your time.

Badass, man. Seems like you take your competitions seriously and are willing to put in the work. Great to hear.

Ha, that’s a Gracie brother I never of before. :wink:

You should take a look at Indigo-3G. It’s a nutrient partitioner, so it helps your body to better process whatever carbs you do give it. A lot of people, after using it for a while, end up being able to get away from a low-carb plan and incorporate more carbs into their diets without any problems.

The other thing I was going to suggest was Surge Workout Fuel to have during any training session. It does have 25g carb per serving though, so it’d almost be your whole day’s allotment. Workout nutrition during hard training is the best place to “spend” carbs though, and it has nutrients like citrulline and beta alanine for better endurance.

If you can’t go with that, look at Mag-10. 11g carbs and 20g fast-acting protein to help with performance and recovery, plus it has a hydration blend so it can replace anything you might be having like G2 Gatorade or whatever.

This article has more specific advice to dial in nutrition and supplements to actually better target those spots:

You should also check out the Combat forum to talk about the BJJ side of things. Lots of fighters and coaches talk training over there, and they could benefit from your experience and advice too.