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I am 39 years old (female) and weight 125lbs, height 5’5 I 'm an instructor trainer 6 days per week 2 hours each between cardio and resistance training. I try to workout myself at least 3 x per week. I want to maintain muscle mass and cut abs. What would you recommend to start?

Hi there, great question. When you’re instructing, are you doing the same workouts along with your clientele? The reason I ask is because that’d mean you’re doing around 15 hours of exercise a week, consisting of both cardio and resistance training. That’s a lot!

So, if that’s the case, you might consider a couple products to use pre and intra workout to keep your performance (and thus energy expenditure) high. My favorites are Biotest Finibars and Plazma. (I’ll link to those.)

I always have a Finibar about an hour before training. It’s my little morning ritual along with a cup of coffee. And depending on the kind of exercise I’ll be doing, I’ll prepare a Plazma for intra-workout. Plazma is essential if I’m doing Olympic lifting or hypertrophy work, which both tend to tax the nervous system.

When you’re consistently training hard, the last thing you need is to mess with your recovery and show up to workouts tired from the day before; that’s why workout nutrition is so important. If I’m not on top of recovery then I can’t work as hard, I miss lifts, and don’t make much progress. It also makes training far more enjoyable when your body is ready for the next set.

When it comes to maintaining muscle mass and getting lean enough to have visible abs, what you do in the kitchen for the other 20+ hours of the day will have just as much of an impact as what you do in the gym. So while fueling your workouts is important, so is what you’re eating.

I don’t know about you, but I have a killer sweet tooth. So Metabolic Drive is a godsend. It’s an easy way to satisfy that sweet tooth without derailing my goal of maintaining leanness. And you can bake it into almost any dessert you can think of – cakes, cookies, brownies, creamy dips for fruit, etc. My favorite thing to do with it is take a scoop and mix it into plain fat free Greek yogurt, like Fage, then drop in a handful of frozen blueberries and a tablespoon of chopped nuts, and enjoy. High protein desserts that make you feel full with fewer calories are, to me, one of the best ways to get and stay lean enough to have visible abs.

Who wants to achieve cut abs temporarily? That’s what happens when the way you achieved them was too hard to maintain. So make sure you’re looking at the big picture and your total life enjoyment when thinking about the goals you want to achieve – how can you get there in a way that doesn’t make you hate your life? For me that means figuring out ways to health-up delicious food.

Here are the things I mentioned:

You can find the Finibar and Plazma here:

And the Metabolic Drive is here:

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yes, I am instructing and doing the same workouts. (group training) !! I do have a sweet teeth too! Thanks for the advice! and I do follow a balanced meal plan. I am toned just my abs have been really hard to maintain !!! I will follow your advice! Thanks

Yeah my first recommendation was going to be PLAZMA too, A lot of people wanting to get leaner and doing a super high amount of volume are actually preventing maximum leanness by not fueling their workouts properly nor recovering from them. The best investment you can make is PLAZMA peri-workout especially if you are doing the classes you are giving. Well you could go with SURGE WORKIUT FUEL for the classes if they are mostly circuits, cardio or light weights and use PLAZMA for your own higher level workouts.

I once trained a girl who was in a similar situation as you. She was giving several “Group power” classes a week (basically cardio workouts using light weights for millions of repetitions) and training for a fitness competition (so lifting workouts and gymnastic practices). Adding PLAZMA to her workouts got her leaner even though it increases her caloric intake. That’s because she could train harder, recover faster and not kill her metabolism.

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