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To anyone who can help,

I currently am doing the pulse feast and really like the results I am seeing. The only problem I have is that by the time 4pm rolls around I am lethargic and ready for bed. Once I eat though i’m back to full energy. The supplements I currently take are Plazma and Mag-10 on the days I Strength train, Only Mag-10 on the days I do intervals, and Curcumin, Fish Oil, Joint Supplements, and a multi everyday. I currently train in the morning around 7am before work. My question is, if I was to switch to more of a leangains approach and break the fast around 3-4pm would this still be beneficial with my current supplement stack or do I need to alter it?

Just a little background on my training program is a wendlers triumvirate routine 3x per week and intervals 3x per week.

Thank you in advance

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I currently am doing the pulse feast and really like the results I am seeing. The only problem I have is that by the time 4pm rolls around I am lethargic and ready for bed. Once I eat though i’m back to full energy.[/quote]
That can be a common issue on any nutriton plan where you go lengths of time without much solid food. The Mag-10 doses can help, so maybe throwing in a smaller serving (like just one scoop) around 4pm could be the simplest solution.

Just to be clear: On days you train, you’re lifting around 7 and have Plazma during the session, then Mag-10 afterwards (maybe 9/10am?), and then a Mag-10 pulse (3 scoops, like the Pulse Feast recommends?) around 2 or 3pm? I’m just trying to figure out exactly when you’re having your two 3-scoop Mag-10 pulses each day and when you’re having dinner.

That supplement stack would still be fine because they’re the basics, but since you said you’re liking the results you’re seeing, I think it would make sense to stick with the current plan as best as possible and just figure a work-around for the energy lull.

Again, a 1-scoop serving of Mag-10 could help. At that late in the afternoon, I’m guessing you wouldn’t be up for coffee or a stimulant, but maybe caffeine-free Brain Candy would be worth a try.

The main issue here is that you are training in the AM and having the feast in the PM. Of course you will be lethargic by 3-4PM. This likely indicate a drop in blood sugar.

See, the fact that you are having PLAZMA with the workout is good because you at least have some nutrients to recover from the workout and fuel it.

However understand that most of the carbs from PLAZMA will be used either as fuel during the workout or to replenish muscle glycogen. So by 3-4PM your blood sugar will drop simply because you don’t have carbs in your diet and the carbs you had earlier were used for the workout.

Which is why in the Pulse Feast article I say that you should train right before the feast. In an ideal world for the pulse feast to work the time between the workout and feast should be as short as possible. Especially if building muscle is of some interest to you.

After a session muscle repair requires energy. And if you don’t ingest nutrients in the period after the workout you wont have enough carbs to both fuel repair AND maintain a stable blood sugar level.

My recommendation would thus be to train right before the feast otherwise the pulse feast plan will not work optimally: you will feel lethargic and will have a hard time building muscle.

If you really can’t train in the PM then my recommendation would be to replace on of the MAG-10 pulses with a PLAZMA pulse, ideally at around 1:00, that should prevent the lethargy by keeping blood sugar level stable.

Since I started what i’ve been doing is essentially:

6am- Wakeup, 200mg Caffeine
645- 1 Dose Plazma
700- Workout, sip another dose of Plazma throughout
800- Finibar, Curcumin, Fish Oil, Joint Supp, Multi
900- 1 Dose Mag 10
2pm- 1 Dose Mag 10
6/7pm- Start Feast
10/11pm- End Feast, bed

Also I have been only using 4 scoops of Mag-10 per day instead of the 6 due to budget, is this viable?

One other question, i usually like to use saturdays for a cheat meal by going out with family and friends, should I eat clean all day on Saturdays with a cheat meal at night or continue to pulse and eat at night?

thank you for all the help

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