Advice on Recovery Without Carbs

Rob asks:

I have been eating keto for 11 months. That reduced inflammation enough that I have been finally able to sustain a workout routine for the last 4 months. I have been following AthleanX.

Anyway, I need something for recovery, but I would like to avoid carbs. I am 52, so every thing is a bitch, but especially recovery. I can’t afford to buy the stacks you have, but I can afford an item or two that will make the most difference.

Mag-10 would be the best bet at 20g protein and 11g per serving. It has casein hydrolysate which is the most efficient protein source you can get. It’s fast-digesting enough to have during training, not post-workout. But if you need zero carb, I’d go with BCAA peptides instead.

With either one, you can add in creatine for better performance and recovery. Creatine has tons of benefits in general, so it’s pretty much a staple for any lifter.

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