Advice on My Diet

Hi, im25 years old, 5ft 10, just over 14 stone, body fat around 25-30%Ive been training hard for 6 months now, ive got improvement but my gains (muscle)/losses (fat), are quite slow. More muscle gained but body fat hasnt really dropped. Does anyone have any advice on changes I could make to better this. Ive been following this diet 90% of the time for the last two months.

on a typical day
7:45 cereal 1 portion kellogs crunchy nuts with one litre semi skimmed milk
10:35 1 cup rice 1 cup veg 1 portion meat
13:35 1 cup rice 1 cup veg 1 portion meat
16:30 1 iso2 protien shake with water
17:10-18:30 training weights
18:45 1 iso2 protein shake with water
18:45 peice of fruit
20:45 1 cup veg 1 portion meat
22:00 1 iso2 protien shake with milk for bed

Also I aim for 4 litres of water over the day
one portion meat whatever it is will have minimal fat and will add to at least 40g protein
veg and fruit are varied
cod liver oil tabs multivits and 100g caffiene taken pre workout.
im a scaffolder by trade so always on the move at work and I will consume less than 2000 cal per day
train 5-6 times a week with as many compound movements.
Admittedly, I dont do much cardio because one of the PTs in my gym said it will hinder my muscle gains.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Drop the cereal and milk. Replace with protein and fat (eggs, meat, etc.) Drop the fruit. Take care of workout nutrition with Plazma, Surge Workout Fuel and/or Mag-10.

Consider this plan for diet:

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Do this type of “cardio” –

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