Advice on Micro-PA, Indigo 3g, Plazma, MAG-10 Stack

I am stacking Micro PA, Indigo 3g, Plazma & MAG-10 for the first time. I’m wondering if the following pre, during and post training plan is ideal? What I’m also interested in knowing is if it is ideal to take micro PA with MAG-10 (as I have it below) or if it is better to take one earlier/later than the other to increase benefits?

  • 5:30am (wake up): Micro PA (6 caps 1 hr before training)
    Meal #1: MAG-10 (2 servings)

  • 5:45am Indigo 3g (6 caps 30 mins before training supplementation)

  • 6:15am Plazma (1 scoop 15 mins before training)

  • 6:30am-7:45am Training: Plazma (1 scoop sip during training).

  • 7:45am: 2 servings MAG-10

Thanks kindly for your thoughts?

Cheers, Blaine

What are you goals/what is your main goal with your training? That’s a great stack you have there, my inclination is to think you’d want more calories or some solid food first. Plazma certainly is the one-stop shop for pre-peri workout nutrition, but with the Indigo especially, maybe some more carbs, something easy to eat and digest like a Finibar, would be ideal. Indigo needs nutrients to repartition, so maybe some oats or a Finibar would be a good addition. Personally, I use 2 scoops Plazma for my sessions, but would never train on only MAG-10 beforehand.

Regarding your question about Micro-PA, it seems like the consensus is it can be taken with/without food, so changing your MAG-10 time won’t affect the benefits of Micro. I don’t think it’s necessary to have a MAG-10 pre-training if you have 2 scoops of Plazma (30g of the same protein as in MAG-10) plus 2 servings of MAG-10 post workout. Maybe something like this would be good:

  • 5:30am: Micro PA and Indigo (it’s fine to take them together)

  • 5:45am: Finibar

  • 6:15am Plazma (1 scoop 15 mins before training)

  • 6:30am-7:45am Training: Plazma (1 scoop sip during training).

  • 7:45am: 2 servings MAG-10

*8:30am(ish) - post workout meal w/ good carb source (oats, rice, potato, etc.)

If you’re training with intensity, with your stack there is no way anything will be stored as fat. Remember Indigo will be more efficient when it has carbs to repartition. With the efficiency of Plazma, I think it’s somewhat pointless to take the Indigo without providing more solid food before the workout. It’s not completely a wash, but loading up good carbs around the workout window with Indigo will only help you!

Good luck!

Rob Stein, thanks kindly for your thoughts. Goals? Just got a hankering to crank up my training results for 1.5 months before I vacation in Hawaii. So i’m testing this stack for this short period. I’m at 8-10% body fat now and about 195 pounds. Interested to see what kind of lean mass and body fat reduction this stack will yield.

Cheers, Blaine

It’s not a stack. It is peri workout nutrition. This is a tool to give you an edge, if all your basic covered.

I feel you are setting yourself up for failure with only 1.5 months. Hope you are not looking for a miracle.

JFG, thanks for your comments. Whether one calls it “peri workout nutrition” or a supplement stack, I agree, if all the foundational nutritional components are covered first, only then will these supplements become a tool that empowers an edge.

Frankly, I’m not hardcore enough anymore to include such protocols longer term, but certainly remember the good old days (and miss them) when my nutrition, training and supplementation was nails for months on end. I train competitive athletes for a living now and am getting older. My body just can’t handle the rigors of elite training like it used to.

So, I’m trying these out in part for the 1.5 months I have before my vacation to vainly pursue some very short terms gains through training, nutrition and supplementation I don’t regularly do…but also to see if there might be a longer term application for a person that isn’t as focused on strength, performance and body comp, but more interested in optimal health, recovery, energy, etc.

I’m also interested in seeing what quantifiable results I can attain as a potential opportunity to encourage my athletes to try these products. So, no, I’m not expecting a miracle, but certainly something quantifiable to discern the latter. I see names like pro football player Brian Cushing putting his name on the testimonials of some of these products, so thought I’d give it a whirl.

To date, when referring my athletes to Biotest products, I’ve primarily suggested the proteins, Surge Workout and Recovery, creatine, the mineral compound and Flameout. Only creatine and the Surge Workout would fall in the performance enhancement department, so I’m wondering if adding a few other options for my clients in this category has any merit.

In fact, a totally separate question for Biotest employees…do you offer wholesale pricing for small business to resell your supplements?

Thanks, Blaine

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