Advice on Indigo, Plazma, Micro PA Stack

I have lifted on and off my adult life. I’ve done the V-Diet 3 times and had great results. 6 months ago I got more serious and have lifted 3-4 times a week while watching my diet. I use Metabolic Drive 1-2 times a day and surge recovery with creatine after lifting. I do a pulse fast about once a month. I’ve seen great gains in strength and body composition but I’m plateauing and haven’t seen much fat loss.

I’ve always seen the more advanced supplements in the store and I’m a bit intimidated by them. I’d like to try Indigo-3g, Plazma, and Micro-PA together in a stack. I already have a new bottle of MAG-10 and flavoring. I almost ordered them but got the scary warning when putting indigo-3g in my cart and wanted some advice prior to throwing down on the purchase.

My question is would this stack be right for me and how much of each should I order? My goals are to put on size, get lean. I weigh 180 and am 5’9". I’m hovering around 20% body fat and its not dropping. I deadlift 325, bench 175 and squat around 225. I still have the love handles and gut and am having a hard time putting on upper body strength and size. Thanks for the advice in advance

Good questions. The first thing we’d suggest is upgrading your peri-workout nutrition. We now know that pre and intra workout nutrients are more important than post, and that’s how <a href=""target=“new”>Plazma is taken. Plus Plazma contains the newest and most effective components. For post workout, use <a href=""target=“new”>MAG-10. No need for Surge Recovery when you follow that protocol.

Plazma before and during training, Mag-10 post: This is exactly what we suggest to our pro athletes, pro bodybuilders, and the Hollywood types we work with to get them in shape for movie roles. Honestly, we keep Surge Recovery around because people love it and we hate to take it away from them (and it works very well with the V-Diet), but Plazma/Mag-10 has far surpassed it in effectiveness.

I can’t think of anything better than <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G and <a href=""target=“new”>Micro-PA for your goals. Via different mechanisms, both work for fat loss and muscle gain. (The store pages will get into details.) If budget in an issue, I’d personally suggest Indigo-3G because you sound a lot like me: I was always fighting fat gain, and carbs weren’t nice to me. Indigo-3G fixed those underlying issues allowed me to gain about 17 pounds of muscle while getting leaner. Took some time of course, but I hadn’t made progress like that in years, and I was over 40 at the time of the big gains. So that’s my personal favorite and suggestion for you if the choice comes down to one or the other. Of course, Micro-PA is awesome too and I’m on it now, but Indigo-3G was perfect for me and for anyone who is always struggling to build muscle without gaining body fat.

Hope that helps!

Thanks that helps a lot. Do I take Plazma at all on non training days?

Plazma is a workout nutrition drink. No workout, no need for workout drink that day.

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