Advice Needed

I am a 6’ tall, 348lb female. I have about 185lbs of lean mass when I was hydro-statically tested in Oct 2007. I love working out and especially lifting weights, enjoy basketball and volleyball. While I am very overweight, I am nowhere near lazy and am very excited about health and fitness.

However… I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 13 years ago and this has been a huge stumbling block for me. This is a very painful illness and if I overdo workouts, I can land myself in bed from the pain.

I am in a vicious cycle. The more I weigh, the worse my fibromyalgia is. I have put this condition into remission in the past and will do it again, but need some help. I began cutting fat and sticking to a clean diet while lifting and doing cardio in Nov. 2008. My progress was interrupted when I broke my foot this January. I had surgery 2 weeks ago. I have cut my calories, upped protein, but cannot workout. I have been advised to not even lift my upper body during my recovery period.

All this leads up to my question and need for advice. I want to utilize the success of the velocity program to help continue my body transformation plan. However, because of how much I weigh, the program advised I am not able to participate.

Any advice would be welcomed!

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