Advice Needed for Supplementation Plan

Like so many other Biotest users I could use a little help to make sure I’m getting the most bang of my buck with the supplements I’m currently taking.
I am 6’2” 250 @ 15% BF. Looking to loose 7-8% fat for a bucket list local “show”. Currently taking on empty stomach at 3am
2 Hot-Rox and 6 Micro-PA. 30 min later 1 Finibar and 2 scoops Mag-10 as well as 6 Indigo-3G. 45 min later 1 serving Plazma w creatine. 15 min later begin workout @5 am and consume 2 more servings of Plazma during workout which lasts about 1.5-2.0 hrs.
2 scoops protein post workout with oat meal. Other supplements include 2 Flameouts 2x a day and 2 Curcumin 2x a day for inflammation.
So am I consuming the supplements at the right time and best order? Tried Carbolin 19 for about six months but didn’t notice a difference. I’ve been using the described regime for about 6 months now. Oh yes currently consuming 2700 kcal’sper day. 250g protein, 270g carbs and 70g fats. Diet is clean.
Thank you!

Oh yes. I should have mentioned I am 58. My WO split is 3 days on one day off. On days off I still take Micro-PA, Indigo-3G, and Mag-10. No Plazma. Curcumin and Flameout everyday.


Ooof. That’s a wild schedule that I can’t really imagine. Little tough to follow it all, but if you’re training at 5am and up at 3am, I’d probably go:

ASAP after waking: Hot-Rox, Micro-PA, and Indigo-3G.

30ish minutes before training: Finibar

15ish min before training: 1 scoop Plazma, creatine

During training: 1 scoop Plazma (maybe 2 scoops depending on training volume and general recovery)

Post-workout: oatmeal 'n protein.

Before bed: Mag-10

Use the Flameout and Curcumin as-is.

Just shuffling some stuff around a little bit. Generally, I suggest holding off on Hot-Rox during a fat loss phase until you’re in the home stretch because then it works like afterburners to kick in when you need it most instead of using it consistently, but when you’re up this early in the AM, you can probably use the caffeine boost now.

The pre-training supps are right after waking so they have time to kick in. The Finibar is pre-workout fuel so you have some calories and good carbs to work off of, but having Mag-10 before Plazma is redundant. I really like Mag-10 as a before-sleep recovery boost.

If you’re having one scoop of Plazma before training, having another two scoops during the session should only be needed for monster workouts like a big leg session or a high volume back day. One scoop before and one scoop during should is good for most other workouts.

You should also check out the Bodybuilding forum to get some advice more specific to the show. Dialing in training, nutrition, posing, etc. Lots of competitors there should be able to help.

Lol. Thank you
Do you recommend Plazma, Mag-10, Micro-PA, Indigo 3G, on non workout days? Typically eliminating the Plazma on those days and taking everything else.
Thank you for your response in advance!

Yep, that’s fine. Plazma is only to support workouts, so if you’re not lifting, there’s no need for Plazma.

Mag-10 is still good any time. Just shuffle the Indigo-3G to about a half-hour before the your biggest meal of the day (dinner for most people, but if your meals are setup differently, no prob. Take it before whatever’s largest so you get the most benefit from the nutrient partitioning).

Thank you so much Mr C!!

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