Advice for Workout Protein

Jeffrey asks:

I am a 49 year old man. I am 6’0 and 285lbs. Out of shape. Got a Bowflex home gym. My weight (fat) does not evenly distribute itself. The majority of fat is in my belly, thighs, upper legs…skinny weak arms.

I want to burn my fat and/or turn some of it to muscle but I also want to lose 65lbs (goal weight 220lbs) in the process.

I have a workout regimen. I just need advice on what kind of protein powder I should use for either, pre/post workout and any other products you can recommend to me to help reach my fitness goals I stated above.

Can you help me?

Jeffrey, you’re asking the right question in that focusing on workout nutrition should be everyone’s priority. And you won’t find anything better than Plazma.

As for other protein supplements, Metabolic Drive is a fantastic, any-time-of-the-day protein powder. If you’re looking to further enhance your recovery, you can check out Mag-10. I like to utilize Mag-10 post-workout, as per the label.

I’ve also found that protein pulsing is super simple yet super effective.

Since you have a fair amount of fat to drop, I’d suggest starting from a nutritional standpoint, and then possibly adding a fat burner or something else to jumpstart progress when it stalls.

Hope this helps!

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