Advice for Supplements and Training for Half-Ironman and for Event Day

I started using the Plazma, Micro PA, and the protein powder. I am wondering how I should use these for the long bike rides and runs after? I took Plazma (2 scoops) last week for a 3:30 ride and 30 min run after and felt like I needed more nutrition and calories. The problem is I can’t carry so many bottles on the bike…could I make it more concentrated? Also, the person I spoke to at Biotest said I should be using Surge for longer endurance training…is that better?

I really need to know if someone can recommend when, what, and how to use the products for longer endurance. I haven’t had any stomach issues, but I want to use what is best and not burn my muscles up any more than I have. I also do 2 days of strength training as well.

Can someone give me some help/advice? I have 4.5 weeks so I need to figure this out sooner than later.


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Surge Workout Fuel is definitely the better option for what you’re looking for. It does share some of the ingredients found in Plazma, but SWF is specifically designed to help that type of training because it has added beta alanine and malic acid for reduced fatigue and increased endurance, plus the formula is tweaked a bit (different carbs, different hydration formula, etc.)

Plazma is more ideal for weight training because it’s shorter duration and higher intensity. For something like a half-Ironman, for sure Surge Workout Fuel is the perfect choice.

I’d stick pretty much with the label recommendations. Mix up several scoops with plenty of water (in whatever way you can carry them), start with one serving before the race, and “dose” them out throughout. Of course give it a trial run during training, because you never want to use a new approach for the first time on the big day.

Finibars are another alternative to fuel you through the race. They’re also designed to be super-easy to digest during a run (or sports match), have fast-acting carbs without an energy crash, and will be a bit easier to carry during a run.

In general, you don’t really want to make Plazma more concentrated than the label recommends because your body needs sufficient water to transport the nutrients optimally.

Hi Chris,

Thank you for answering my questions. A general nutrition for race day would be as follows.

4 am -applesauce 2 cups (for calories)
protein shake — 1 scoop Metabolic Drive Pro powder/ .25 c oatmeal/ almond milk /banana
-(Gatorade endurance)?

6:15- Finibar

7:15 Surge with 1 scoop (or 2?)
7:30-8:00 swim start

8-20-8:30 transition 1

Every hour I should consume 250-300 calories and 40-45 oz of fluid based on my sweat test and numbers.

This is a 3-3:30 bike ride and then run 13.1 mi.

11-11:30 transition 2 /ready for run
-banana ? (Could I do Plazma here?)

(On run I will need to consume Gatorade or blocks/gels that I can carry on me unless there’s a way to make a paste with Surge Workout Fuel or Plazma)

Can you look this over and give a recommended dosage of Surge Workout Fuel throughout the race if I can take it with me?

(I cannot pick up packets or bags outside of aide stations on Any of the course. I can only get in transition areas.) so I have to have my nutrition myself or use aide stations.

Thank you!

[quote]7:15 Surge with 1 scoop (or 2?)
1 scoop should be fine with how the rest of the timetable looks.

This might be a silly question, but can you carry enough to supply you with 40-45 oz of fluid per hour? Like, how would that would work, practically speaking? Or are those ideal/optimal goals rather than real-world based? If you can carrying 80-120 ounces, there’s no real issue.

Finibar beats banana by a mile. Pun completely intended.

The word directly from HQ is that this is the worst of ideas and not an option. Water is critically necessary for proper absorption and utilization of both Plazma and Surge Workout Fuel, so you need to follow the label instructions in terms of the water per dose.

The label rec of 1 scoop/20oz per hour is the best bet. Getting as close to that as possible would be the optimal route.

Thanks Chris,

-The reason I asked about doing the 2 scoops was just to increase my calorie intake a bit and with the math I will mix the 2 with the 40 oz. That will get my liquid intake where it needs to be to keep from dehydrating.

-As far as carrying the liquid, I can carry about 110 oz approx on the bike with the hydration system and bottle holders I have. Sounds crazy, but it can happen. However, if not able to carry that much by chance that is why I was asking about making a paste so that at the aide station I could add water to it and shake it up for the recommended amount. (I apologize, I should’ve been a little clearer on that) If I premix it concentrated and add the water it will not be as heavy and also in the event of losing a bottle on the ride(which happened this weekend so I lost a whole 20 oz of SWF:( ) - I knew you had told me not to make a paste to eat/drink, but I was trying to be creative in case I needed it and had to add the liquid rather than in powder form.

I found this weekend that towards the end of the ride I needed something in my stomach besides the yucky Gu gels that I had been told to try. I am going to put a bar on my bike this week and try to eat it coming back in so I don’t run out of fuel right before transition onto the run.

Some people have issues with eating protein right before running because it can cause GI issues. So far the finibars have not upset my stomach. I would rather have that than a banana anyway. The SWF should give enough Potassium and salt to keep me from crashing on the run as long as I get it in on the ride I think.

Thank you again for your time and answering my questions!


One last thing, will it be ok to take the Micro PA tablets morning of race?

Gotcha. There’s definitely nothing wrong with starting the day with 2 scoops. It’s not like you won’t find a use for it.

Ah, okay. I thought you meant like turning it into a homemade Gu-type of thing. I guess it could work as long as the serving itself has enough water when ingested. It’d be a kind of experiment though. Any way to just transport the powder in a baggie or something, then throw it into a bottler with water+flavoring inside at the station?

If that’s currently part of your protocol, no problem keeping it the same.

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