Advice For Supplement Stack


Capital asks:

I am a 38 year male height 5ft 7 inches and weight 82 KG and I have been working out from past 10 years. About 2 years ago, I got diabetic but I kept my blood sugar level in control while on Keto diet, thus I lost some size also. Now I need your suggestion, that how to restart with bodybuilding. I want to gain size while keeping myself away from carbohydrates and sugar. Please suggest me supplement stack which I should follow. I am already consuming about 150 gms of protein per day. Note: I workout at night, so can’t take pre-workout which contains caffeine.


It’s really inefficient to build size while avoiding carbs. Keto diets can work well for fat loss, but to put on muscle, your body needs some carbs to fuel hard lifting and
to optimally recover. A couple of articles talk more about why. This is one of them.

In any case, I’d make Indigo-3G a priority to get insulin sensitivity under control and help your body to better manage whatever carbs you do take in. It’s a great supp to help with body composition. This article talks more about its benefits.

Plazma would be the next choice. It’s workout nutrition that contains fast-acting protein, carbs, and other nutrients for better recovery and harder training. And it has no stimulants. Even if that was the main source of most of your daily carbs, you’d be in a much better place to add some muscle even if it’s not technically keto.

That combo would be a solid one-two punch to get started. Pair it up with the right training and enough total calories, and you should be on track.

Also, approaching 40, you should definitely get some basic hormone bloodwork done at your next check-up, since we naturally lose Testosterone as we age and lower T can put everything on a downswing (health, fat loss, muscle mass, general motivation, etc.). Alpha Male is a high-potency natural Test booster to help avoid any issues on that front.


As @Chris_Colucci mentioned, that might be challenging while having no carbs or on keto. Just my .02, if your goal is to keep blood sugar low and stable, you can absolutely still have carbs, just make sure they’re slow digesting or eaten with other food. For example, Ezekiel bread has a very low GI. If you eat it with, let’s say, eggs and veggies, the protein, fat and fiber will further lower the GI and keep your blood sugar stable. If you have quinoa or something similar, along with steak or chicken and veggies, again, the protein, fat and fiber will slow the digestion of the carbs, and if you wanted to really try to max it out, you could eat a good amount of protein and fat and fiber first before carbs. Take your Indigo-3g with quality, slow carbs, and you should have no problem meeting your goals!