Advice for New Peri Workout Protocol

New poster here. I’m looking to upgrade my current protocol to add some more muscle. I currently follow IF leangains type schedule. I fast all morning and early afternoon and take 2 scoops BCAA peptides w/ one scoop creatine just prior to exercising. Workout sessions are capped at 30 to 40 minutes- full body 3 days per week and 2 HIIT days per week. I mix a super shake of 2 scoops Metabolic Drive, fruit, spinach and peanut butter when I get home and eat a big dinner. Rinse and repeat.

I’m 37 and roughly 175 lbs @ about 13 bf. I used to take Surge Recovery years ago but saw the original flavor is no longer available which is a bummer I really liked that stuff

If it fits in your budget, it doesn’t get any better than Plazma.

However, I will say original Surge Recovery was delicious. Before Plazma, I used the chocolate flavor too, which is also very enjoyable.

Thanks for the reply. Plasma seems a bit out of range for me both financially and practically I’m just not at that kind of level yet to need it. I may give the Surge Recovery another shot but I did see other reviewers note that it tastes a lot like Metabolic Drive. I’m only able to use vanilla the other one’s just don’t taste right to me

No worries. You’re welcome.

I’d definitely give Surge Recovery another shot. I think it tastes sweeter than chocolate Metabolic Drive. Think more along the lines of the classic yoohoo.

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