Advice for My Wife?

My wife decided to try this diet after I showed it to her, but she was so excited that she decided to jump into it without waiting for the supplements to arrive. She has done it for one week, but the only part she had done has been the shakes. She has done some walking three times, but has not done the workouts yet. She likes to workout, but has been out of it for several months.

She weighed today and had lost 1.8 pounds the first week, but was very discouraged because she thought she would lose more. I tried to explain that she needed to follow the program exactly before judging it. She argued that weight lifting will not make her lose weight, only cardio and the SuperFood, L-Luetine were only to make her more healthy, not to lose weight.

SHe also said the Surge Recovery would not have helped because it’s only purpose is to help you recover from your workout. She is about to give up. Any advise?

Ask your wife how many people have lost 20+ labs in 4 weeks following diet and exercise programs she’s designed. Seriously, I’ve gone through this kind of thing with my wife, who couldn’t understand why I was cutting out starchy carbs to loss weight, until she finally ate exactly how I told her to and lost 17 lbs in 3 weeks.

A lot of people seem to think that they can create and maintain a caloric deficit with diet and steady state cardio, which are both things that your body adapts to pretty quickly. If she’s honestly not willing to workout, she’d probably be better off eating a clean diet at a normal intake level.

Don’t get me wrong she is about to start working out. She just doesn’t believe that lifting or taking these other supplements besides the shake will make her lose weight. She is talking about starting a clean diet and working out with weights again. My point to her was that it was a complete program and just doing the shakes and walking for 45 minutes a day would not get the same results. She was hoping to lose five pounds the first week.

So the author of the V-Diet (that would be me) is wrong about the training and supplement guidelines, so she ignores them, THEN she gets poor results.

Um, didn’t she just prove that she was wrong and that she should have followed the plan if she wanted the really good results?

Sounds like she’s just being hard to get along with. She did half the diet and got half the results. Just do something to get her motivated right as the supplements get there.

Lifting does more for you aesthetically. For some reason, inexperienced people have a problem grasping that concept. Another thing, If she has a scale…hide it, burn it, toss it, or break it. Women in particular get so hung up on lbs., they lose the concept of body composition. I would encourage her to stick to the diet/training as closely as possible.

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