Advice for Losing Fat and Getting T in Check

Jorge asks:

I am considering trying your products but wanted to know Rez-V™ and Alpha Male® can be taken together or I should do one or another?

I am also considering Hot-Rox® and wanted to know if that will affect any of the above as well.

Just looking for some good advice for losing fat and getting T in check.

Yep, those two are actually a great combo to stack together because their effects are complementary. Rez-V has natural anti-estrogen properties that coincide with Alpha Male’s natural Test boosters.

Hot-Rox does actually share one ingredient with Alpha Male, so it’s best not to take them at the same time. Couple ways you could plan it to get the best results: Either only take Hot-Rox on the two days a week you’re not taking Alpha Male (because it’s meant to be taken only 5 days per week) or you could eliminate one dose of Alpha Male on the days you take Hot-Rox.

For example, take one dose of Alpha Male before breakfast and then take a Hot-Rox before training in the afternoon (as long as afternoon caffeine doesn’t affect your sleep). Or vice versa depending on when you train.

On non-training days, skip the Hot-Rox and take both servings of Alpha Male (still sticking with its 5 days on/2 days off plan). It’s a little bit of juggling, but it’s the best way to get optimal results.

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