Advice for Getting Through the Day?


Day 4

Felt not so bad until today. Feeling horrible now. Went to bed last night and had an upset stomach. Hoping it would go away during the night. Woke up and it is worse. Burpy, hiccuping, no energy and nausea. Yuck! I need to be productive today and I can’t even think about drinking a shake, or getting ready for work. Any recommendations to get over this day without strangling a small child?

  1. Make sure you’re keeping your flax seed in the fridge as directed or it can go rancid. 2. Make sure you’re keeping the nut butter in the fridge or it can go bad too. 3. Make sure you’re only using water to mix your shakes. 4. Make sure you’re only using Metabolic Drive brand shakes.

Cut the flax for a couple of days and add back in half once you feel better. Take ginger in capsule form if needed.


Wasn’t able to make it through teaching today without food, Day 4. I wouldn’t say I had cravings, but more sharp painsand nausea and I wanted to get back to normal so I could work. Super irritated with myself. Everything has been in the fridge and I have only been using water.

I know in general I have a sensitive stomach and flax has upset it on other occasions, so I am assuming it was the flax. I started off only using 1tbsp for the first two days, and uped it to 2 tbsp on day 3 since it wasn’t upsetting me. Is it ok if I leave it out in general, or is it pretty important?

When teaching I need to be on at all times. I was hoping by starting on Fri I would feel bad on Sat or Sun and be game for teaching today. I was wrong - Sat and Sun were a piece of cake actually!

I started feeling a bit bad during my NEPA Day 3 and cut it short 50 mins instead of an hour. Was feeling dizzy and just tired then started having stomach pains and grumbling right before bed. I probably should have tried to address it then rather than sleep on it, so I could be functioning this morning.

I was super nausea in the morning and had zero energy.

Any recommendations for QUICK fixes, so I don’t feel food is the only thing that will make me feel better? I felt weak, but leaving work wasn’t an option.

And if I am in that situation again what would you suggest as the best food, so don’t feel like I have lost all my current hard work and can brush myself off fast.

I just read about someone making the shakes puddingish with not much water. What’s your opinion on this? Makes me think it might not help you break bad eating habits, I dunno though.



Yes, cut out the flax for a while.

Thick shakes made with lots of ice and very little water are fine, and delicious.

Sorry, I can’t really offer any instant solutions because I don’t know exactly what’s causing your problem. If it continues, you could move to a “V-Diet Lite” option where you have one small HSM per day instead of a shake. You would then add an extra couple of days to the plan.


Started with the shakes again this morning, no flax :slight_smile: Feeling good so far.

I am gonna try doing it full throttle again.

If I decide to do V Lite tell me what you think of this - main concern, am I getting enough/too many calories to burn fat?

Meal 1: 2 scoops Drive, 2 Superfood, supplements
Meal 2: 2 scoops Drive, supplements
Meal 3: 1 scoop Drive, supplements
Meal 4: HSM
Meal 5: 2 scoop Drive, supplements

Surge on lifting days.

Alterations: Dropped total 2 scoops Drive, 2 scoops Superfood, 2 TBSP nut butter

Stats: 5’1, 136lbs


  1. Should Meal 2 only be 1 scoop Drive?
  2. Did I drop too much Superfood?
  3. Should I include nut butter in the last shake? Thought since high calories dropping would be needed if HSM each day.

Do you have links to V Lite? I searched but couldn’t find anything specific.

Thank you!


Now, ideally, you’ll follow the plan the V-Diet program made for you. The only real approved alternation is adding or deleting 1 scoop of Metabolic Drive. Otherwise, calories will be too low and you’ll go into starvation mode where fat burning slows down and metabolism comes to a halt. The V-diet, as written is already low in calories.

With that in mind, the “Lite” V-Diet is basically skipping a shake or two and replacing it with an HSM, roughly 400 calories or so. You can skip the nut butter if you do that, but the healthy meal does need some good fats: coconut oil, raw olive oil, handful of nuts, etc. Keep one serving of Superfood in per day on the Lite plan. Keep roughly the same calories as the V-Diet plan suggested for you, give or take 100-200 per day.