Advice for Gaining Weight?

Chris i just received my 1st order and i want to do things RIGHT! i did not provide the right info regarding carbs and caloric intake on my bio. i am old school always paid attention to my protein intake which is about 210grams and my caloric intake is barely 1200 and carbs barely 100 no wonder i am NOT gaining weight.

I need to figure out a better way to up my caloric intake via supps and food, healthy food choices. In the past it’s been protein with a salad. I shyed away from too many carbs becuz when i pushed up the consumption i gained midsection weight.

This week i changed it up a bit, I get up drink 50 grams of protein 5 am then 2 hrs later eat a bagel sprouted wheat which eliminates gluten with some pineapples and every 2 hrs after that something 2 beef patties with brown rice and salad and 8 ounces of filet mignon with brown rice salad then leave work at 2pm. Train at 4-7pm and i would take some leucine and alanine and drink water during workout. Immediately after workout drink another 50 gram protein shake.

go home and before bed eat another meal and it starts all over again. ANY info you can provide i would GLADLY accept it. Thanks again

  1. You just ordered what exactly? You did not specify.

  2. Spouted wheat is still wheat, still has gluten, still has all the negative effects of gliadin. Only eat bread made with almond flour, rice flour etc.

  3. Protein shakes are not created equal and a protein shake after training isn’t ideal. You need a specific properly formulated pre and during workout drink like Anaconda. Post-workout drinks are okay, but old technology. There are better ways now. Leucine and alanine aren’t going to cut it alone.

  4. All rice is fine. Brown has some benefits but also some drawbacks in many people. I eat mostly white because it’s tastier, easier to make and has no drawbacks.

  5. While food choices are very important, if you eat too much or too little overall calories you won’t get the results you want. Keep a food log until you know what you’re doing and can “eyeball” everything.

  6. If the supplement you ordered is Indigo-3G, then read the carb guide linked in your log (if you started one.)

My bad Chris i ordered Indigo3G Anaconda and MAG-10. Yes my plan is to DROP the bagels and go with cream of rice with raisins and brazil nuts and of course rice cakes to reach or exceed the 100grams of carbs. I will steadily increase carbs to find the SWEET spot. Should there be a goal i strive for in my caloric intake? Like i mentioned i am barley getting 1200 and to get BIGGER that will not cut it or so i think. We will see what happens with the additional calories i get from the supps

Shoot for 300g carbs minimim to get started, all healthy choices of course, and Anaconda and MAG-10 count as part of that.

I don’t count calories myself, just seek to increase food intake as needed. Just keep in mind you’ll be able to eat a lot more when on Indigo. Here’s some more info:

If you’ve started an Indigo log, go ahead and list your daily menu and I’d be glad to help you out there. Also, for quick assistance, be sure to join us in the Indigo Support Livespill area. Here’s the one that be active until Monday, then we’ll lock it and start a new one:

Thank you Chris for the feedback and i will keep you posted.

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