Advice About the V-Diet?

I will be starting next week and was just wondering if anyone cares to share some pointers or tips.

Thank you!

Alright, Read everything already posted. If its been flamed by people who have already done the diet successfully then don’t take that advice. The best thing to do is just read everyone elses experiene and post yours as you go. No help is needed if no problem exsists.

Maybe make a list of things you want to change (I made 28) for each day of the diet. Set some reasons for doing it and get the biggest cheering section (people to answer to if you fail) you can. There isnt an hour that goes by that I dont think I’m nuts for doing it.

But I’m on day 10 of my second round and am down 12 lbs and lost 30 lbs after the first time I tried it. It works but it aint fun.

Start a log here in this section of the forum. It will help keep you on target.

But my best tip, as the author of the diet, is to do the diet perfectly. No changes, no substitutions, etc.

The most successful V-Dieters are the strictest. The more changes that are made, the higher the failure rate. Over three years of “in the trenches” observations have taught us that.

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