Advanced Shred/Cut Protocol

Hello Team-

I have posted in the past and sincerely appreciate all of your advice and support. (See below for current plan/post.) With summer quickly approaching, I want to dedicate the next 2 months to finally getting that ultimate “shredded” look this year……yes, I know everyone says this, but I am close and extremely committed. I am satisfied with my muscle/strength level, but now want to loose that final layer to display the tight leanness. (I am not trying to increase my strength/size now; more so, the goal is to seriously cut—even if that comes at the expense of minor loss of strength/size.) As I am still following the below protocol, I would love to hear your input/suggestions to better help achieve my goals. Would I be better off to replace the Micro-PA with Alpha Male? Should I increase to 2 Carbolin 19 tablets? Timing correct for supplements? Adjustments to workout plan?

For training routine-
Monday- Full Body DB Circuit……hanging leg raises
Tuesday- Chest and Triceps……ab-wheel rollouts
Wed- Back and Biceps……cable crunches, 1 arm db farmer walks
Thursday- Legs……declined Russian twists, cable chops, pallof press
Friday- Full Body pump……weighted v-ups, bicycles, suitcases

(Each session consists of ~40min of weights, followed by ~20min cardio. Cardio includes 1 “all out” exercise of either: 500m row in target time 1:30, 3 quarter mile sprints in target time 1:30 each on curved treadmill, or 10 rounds 20secs on/10off of speed jump rope……each followed by light jog or inclined treadmill walk for remainder of time and foam rolling/full body stretches)

Once again, I thank you all for the help and can’t wait to hear back!

{Hello Team-
I am a former college athlete (6’4, 205lbs) with a very intense, early morning training schedule. (Most of training template/advice taken from the great T Nation) I am already muscular and lean, but now am looking to finally get that “shredded look.” I would love to hear your expert opinions on the Biotest supplements to help aid in my journey.
After much research/browsing and prior experiences with Biotest supplements I have come up with the below stack: (I am trying to be as detailed as possible)
4:30am: wakeup

  1. Whey isolate protein shake (25g) w/ BCAA (5g), Glutamine (4.5g), Creatine (5g), sprinkled cinnamon
  2. 2 Hot Rox
  3. 5 Micro-PA tablets
    5:00am-6:15am: workout
    8:00am: breakfast of plain insta-oatmeal w/ a scoop of peanut butter, 1tbsp meta-mucil
    10:30am: mid morning snack of apple
    11:00am: 1 Carbolin 19* tablet, Whey isolate protein shake (25g) w/ BCAA (5g), Glutamine (4.5g), Creatine (5g), sprinkled cinnamon
    12:00pm: 6 Indigo-3G tablets, 1 niacin (500mg) tablet
    12:30pm: lunch of 2 pieces whole wheat bread, 1 can tuna or 6oz chicken breast, 1 cup rice, 7.5oz of beans, 1tbsp meta-mucil
    2:30pm: mid afternoon snack of banana/apple
    4:30pm: Mag-10 pulse serving
    5:00pm: small dinner of 1 banana on peanut butter whole-wheat toast or 1 can tuna/6oz chicken breast on whole wheat toast, 1 men’s multi-vitamin
    7:30pm: 3 ZMA tablets, 2 Z-12 tablets
    8:00pm: sleep
    Please let me know your thoughts/any suggestions for improvements. This is a strict Monday-Friday schedule…the weekends are a bit more relaxed, but before major meal of the day, I take 5 Indigo-3G tablets. As I am a 28 year old male with a normal lifestyle, I enjoy going out with friends and family on Friday nights/Saturdays. On Sundays, I do Mag-10 pulse to help counteract some weekend activities.
    I would like to thank everyone in advance for the help/advice and I look forward to hearing back from you all soon!}

Those are two totally different supplements, so they’re not really interchangeable. You can use either/or, depending on what you want. If a Test booster is important for you, go with the Alpha Male. But Micro-PA has more direct muscle-building, strength-boosting benefits, so it’s probably a better plan to keep it in there.

For sure. The max dose is two caps twice a day, so it’s fine.

With the Indigo-3G, it’s most effective to have before training on days you lift so it can do its job better. Having it before meals is only the plan for non-training days.

One big thing I’d change, though, is your workout nutrition. I get that you’re training crazy-early in the morning, but right now you’re having only protein before training and only carbs after training. It’s just not the most effective approach. This article explains why.

Instead, I’d go for Surge Workout Fuel before and during training, and then move the whey shake with the breakfast afterwards, or even sometime between training and breakfast since there’s that almost-two hour gap. You can add the creatine to SWF, but the rest of the stuff can go.

Your workouts are a whole lot of stuff, with the lifting and the cardio finishers and then the low intensity cardio. Better workout nutrition will help to avoid burning muscle while also maintaining intensity during the session.

You might also want to look into combining the ab work with the cardio by using this approach to shave some time off the training and get better results.

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