Advanced Athlete Looking to Shred

Hello Team-

I am a former college athlete (6’4, 205lbs) with a very intense, early morning training schedule. (Most of training template/advice taken from the great T Nation) I am already muscular and lean, but now am looking to finally get that “shredded look.” I would love to hear your expert opinions on the Biotest supplements to help aid in my journey.

After much research/browsing and prior experiences with Biotest supplements I have come up with the below stack: (I am trying to be as detailed as possible)

4:30am: wakeup

  1. protein shake (25g) w/ BCAA (5g), Glutamine (4.5g), Creatine (5g), sprinkled cinnamon
  2. C4 preworkout supplement
  3. 1 Hot-Rox Tablet
  4. 5 Micro-PA tablets
    5:00am-6:15am: workout
    8:00am: breakfast of plain insta-oatmeal w/ a scoop of peanut butter
    10:30am: mid morning snack of apple
    11:00am: 1 Carbolin 19* tablet, protein shake (25g) w/ BCAA (5g), Glutamine (4.5g), Creatine (5g), sprinkled cinnamon
    12:00pm: 5 Indigo-3G tablets, 1 Curcumin tablet, 1 niacin (500mg) tablet
    12:30pm: lunch of 2 pieces whole wheat bread, 1 can tuna or 6oz chicken breast, 1 cup rice, 7.5oz of beans
    2:30pm: mid afternoon snack of banana/apple and FiberOne Bar
    4:30pm: protein shake (25g) w/ BCAA (5g), Glutamine (4.5g), Creatine (5g), sprinkled cinnamon
    5:00pm: small dinner of 1 banana on peanut butter whole-wheat toast or 1 can tuna/6oz chicken breast on whole wheat toast
    7:30pm: 3 ZMA tablets, 2 Z-12 tablets
    8:00pm: sleep

Please let me know your thoughts/any suggestions for improvements. This is a strict Monday-Friday schedule…the weekends are a bit more relaxed, but before major meal of the day, I take 5 Indigo-3G tablets. As I am a 27 year old male with a normal lifestyle, I enjoy going out with friends and family on Friday nights/Saturdays. On Sundays, I do Mag-10 pulse to help counteract some weekend activities.

I would like to thank everyone in advance for the help/advice and I look forward to hearing back from you all soon!

Thanks for posting! I’m sure others will chime in, happy to offer my input though. As a competitive bodybuilder, the best advice I can give on getting “shredded” is to understand that it means getting to incredibly low levels of body fat, probably unhealthy levels that are not meant to be maintained for a lengthy period of time. Do you have an event you’re aiming for, or just trying to get leaner? It’s certainly achievable, just understand that walking around “shredded” means 6-8% body fat, which isn’t possible, or enjoyable, to maintain.

That being said, your nutrition and supplement stack look healthy. Ultimately, however, there’s no way to know if it’ll get the job done, it will ultimately come down to many factors, the king of which will be maintaining a caloric deficit at a proper level that will allow you to cut without digging yourself too deep. If your current stack and nutrition is over your calories, it doesn’t matter how clean it is, you won’t get leaner. So, just looking at a meal plan and supplement plan, it would be impossible for anyone to tell you if it’ll help your goals or not without having more info.

What’s your estimated TDEE? If you don’t know, that’s the place to start. Then, calculate a 15-20% deficit, execute that with extreme consistency and see what happens after a couple weeks.

Without knowing anything about your physique or TDEE, just looking at what you’ve posted, for a 6’4" 205lb male, your calories look low. Also not crazy about the idea of training without any carbs, just on protein. I can’t imagine that would lead to optimal gym performance. The goal of getting shredded is to lose as much fat as you can while maintaining as much muscle as possible. Getting the best performance in the gym is key, which is hard, if not impossible to do, at extremely low levels of body fat without carbs pre workout. If you have carbs at all, pre workout is the time to have them, and remove them from other places. Might be better to start with overall higher carbs and cals in general and give yourself somewhere to go.

Getting to very low levels of body fat takes a lot of variables into play, adjustments will have to be made to training/nutrition/cardio along the way, it’s not a straight ride to shred town. If you’re serious about it, think about hiring a coach, or at the very least, read some of the contest prep articles in the bodybuilding section of the T-Nation forums. Myself, @The_Mighty_Stu and @brickhead all have detailed prep logs there.

If you’re serious about getting shredded, it’s a 24/7 task IMO. If you do “relax” more on the weekends, they’ll have to be calculated cheats and not played by ear.

If you can post pics, more info about your training and cardio schedule, estimated TDEE, that would be helpful.

Good luck!

Just to tack on to the good info Rob brought, it looks like you’re doing a lot of things right. The fact that you’re up at 4:30 and in bed by 8:00 is a testament to your dedication, and not something I’d want to try myself.

As for the supplement plan, there’s a lot of good stuff going on and some stuff I’d adjust. Glutamine is take it or leave it - never been shown to do anything for muscle building, but good for the immune system in general. Is there a reason the Carbolin-19 is asterisked? Was there a note to go with that? I’d also move the Indigo-3G to before training (on days you lift, like the label suggests), instead of always having it before lunch. That will maximize the insulin sensitivity-boosting response to training and should lead to better results.

One big thing that jumped out was a lack of specific workout nutrition. Instead of just the protein shake before training, I’d try having Surge Workout Fuel or (ideally) Plazma during your workout. It’ll deliver good carbs and stuff like citrulline and beta alanine to support the training. That would also let you drop the C4, since you’re already getting a caffeine hit from the Hot-Rox and pre-workouts like C4 tend to bring more trouble than they’re worth, long-term (like adrenal fatigue and caffeine desensitization).

I’m also a bit concerned about your overall calorie intake. I didn’t run the numbers, but it looks like you’re having a lot of small snacks during the day. For a 200+ pound guy training hard most days of the week, that doesn’t give you much wiggle room at all to cut calories for fat loss. I’d be surprised if you were over 2,000 calories a day, which is scraping the bottom of the barrel for daily intake.

You might want to read up on the concept of G-Flux, basically a way of training plenty and eating to fuel the training, instead of trying to drop fat by cutting calories.

Hi Chris-

Just checking back with a few more questions for you.

First, I would like to say- even though I may not be overly active in these forums with posts, I really do appreciate your time/help and thoroughly enjoy reading your advice and always providing great articles/content on the site. I think I speak for many of us out there….thank you!

I have been following below plan for 6months now (with solid results) and wanted to see if I should be adding anything in/switching anything up

4:30 wakeup

  • Surge Workout Fuel mixed w creatine (5g) and BCAA
  • 3 pills HOT-ROX
  • 5 pills Indigo-3G

5:00am-6:15am: workout

2 separate protein shakes throughout day w 25g isolate whey, 5g creatine and BCAA
7:30pm: 3 ZMA tablets, 2 Z-12 tablets
8:00pm: sleep


  • I have been reading more about Mag-10 and was wondering what you would suggest would be the best option for my intense early morning wkt ? (Plazma/Surge Workout Fuel/Mag-10)
  • Would I benefit in adding or switching Carbolin 19 and/or Micro-PA into the mix?

As always, thank you and look forward to hearing back.

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