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Okay guys I’ve been drinking Spikes, both Shooter and Original, as well as regular and caffeine free Brain Candy for months now. Before that I was drinking pre workout for the better part of my last 6 years of training since I was 14. I’m 20 now. Also, I’ve been prescribed adderal and vyvanse for years and very recently stopped taking them. It has gotten to the point where even a Brain Candy or Spike first thing in the morning on a empty stomach doesn’t do anything.

I know my adrenals are absolutely shot. I took a 2 week caffeine detox where I took lots of rhodiola and adrenal support supps, as well as a product called “Caffiene detox” which had mostly adaptogenic herbs. I was excited to start drinking Spike and Brain Candy again after the detox and there still is absolutely no effect on me.

I know this is due to years of stimulant use and me using them since I was young, but do you guys have any other input? I read John Meadows’ article on adrenal health and I do most of the things he talks about especially eating a clean and fruit and veggie rich diet. Plus I take Superfood. Any advice would be great on how to reintroduce these excellent products and get the original effects because they helped me with work, school, and my goals in the gym. Thank you!


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Thanks for tagging! Damn dude, pre workout is something I never prescribe to, if you’ve been taking it since 14 while you’re still developing, combined with all the other caffeine, that’s rough.

I don’t have a ton of knowledge on the subject, but I would definitely recommend following the info from the article you’ve read, keep the clean foods, veggies, superfood, fibrous fruits and veggies, etc.

Not trying to sound aggressive here, but if you’ve had these issues and had to get to the point where you had to “caffeine detox,” why would you start taking the same supplements again?

If you need the caffeine that bad to get through your day, then you need to seriously change your life habits. Get more sleep, eat better, stop the caffeine, stop watching tv at night, all that stuff you know you should do but probably don’t. You do NOT need stimulants and taking both Spike, Brain Candy, pre workout, that’s like 1000mg of caffeine bro! That’s ridiculous and dangerous! At your age there is absolutely no reason to feel like you need that much, any age really but especially at 20yrs old, energy should not be an issue.

So, to summarize, stop the stimulants. Get a non-stimulant pre-workout if you want one, but if you “need” caffeine in your pre-workout, just my thoughts, you need to evaluate your motivation. Hope this helps man, stay heathy!



Unless you’re training at 4am or trying to lift after 10 hours of legit manual labor or some other outside-the-norm situation, stimulants should be used as-needed, not as-wanted. Most people today use energy drinks out of habit more than necessity and as a result, they burn out and turn a great supplement into just another beverage.

A while back, I had worked myself up to two Spike Energy’s a day (the 16oz’ers, because Orange Gold is just too damn tasty) and knew I had a problem when I could drink one at 10pm, intending to power through some late night work, and end up falling asleep by 10:45. I basically did cold turkey on the Spike but subbed in some coffee, then eventually worked myself back to coffee somedays, a Spike some days.

You have to remember that you used/abused caffeine for like six years. It’s going to take more than two weeks to refresh your system. I definitely suggest getting some basic bloodwork done to check your cortisol and other levels so you know where you actually stand and so you can monitor progress every 2-3 months. Otherwise you’re troubleshooting in the dark. Taking an intelligent approach by knowing all the concrete numbers is the best route.

Stick with the adaptogens and other info in the Meadows article. This article might have repeat some info but might also have additional advice. If/when you do reintroduce Spike or Brain Candy, start with half-doses, don’t double-up by using both the same day, and monitor/restrict any other stimulants (coffee, tea, regular non-energy soda, etc.).


Well, as the last one to arrive to the party, all of the good stuff has already been said.

So, yeah. What they said.


Thanks for the input guys I appreciate it. I will admit I have always been chasing a certain mindset or feeling with these stimulants and products and it definitely isn’t the best thing to do. I’m going to solely rely on Plazma and just try and get more sleep and continue with the rhodiola and CAFFEINE FREE brain candy which definitely helps. I’m going to try also to not have anymore caffeine until 2018. Thanks again guys!!


I go to ASU and plan on becoming a prosecutor someday and am involved in school politics and speech and debate which is really where the caffeine/stim use has escalated because it just helps me with public speaking and other stressful things going on.