Adrenal Fatigue & HOT-ROX

I’ve been feeling like crap lately and couldn’t figure out why. After typing in some of the symptoms and finding 2 awesome articles on this site I came to the conclusion that I have adrenal fatigue. I have a hard time getting out of bet, wake up during the night, lethargic & when I get sick it can take a while to fully recover.

I see that caffeine is not something you want to take if you have adrenal fatigue. Right now I’m trying to lose body fat and purchased a bottle of HOT-ROX. Would I be better off waiting until I have the adrenal fatigue under control before introducing the HOT-ROX or are they safe to use? The label doesn’t say how much caffeine per dosage

If you really do have adrenal fatigue then skip out on the HOT-ROX till you’e ‘‘cured’’. Some tips to recover is to consume enough nutrients, rest, stress less & avoid stimulant usage. You can still lose fat without the HOT-ROX, it’s not like fat burners were needed in the first place to lose fat. Just fix up your diet, train hard & heavy. But if you do have adrenal fatigue then maybe its wise to cut your training volume in half until your back to normal, but still train heavy. Hope this helps & good luck!

Adrenal fatigue is a tricky issue, with some people saying it doesn’t exist, or at least, what most people think is adrenal fatigue is actually a simple recovery issue that can be fixed easily (better peri-workout nutrition, a tweak to the training program, removing alcohol which interferes with recuperative sleep etc.)

Waking up in the middle of the night is actually natural. TC wrote about it in his latest article on sleep. It’s called “first sleep” and “second sleep.”

But that aside, it’s usually a good idea to drop all other stimulants when taking a fat burner than contains them. Other stimulants or caffeinated drinks shouldn’t be “needed” anyway. Where people push themselves into adrenal fatigue-like problems is when they keep their coffee, energy drinks etc. and add a fat burner to their plan.

Also, be sure to add the fat burners when you need them: when fat loss stalls out or toward the end of your planned diet phase. No need to use them all the time.

Have you look into <a href=""target=“new”>Z-12 for more restorative sleep?

Back off the stims til you feel better.

Googling the symptoms of adrenal fatigue, or any ailment for that matter is a sure fire way to diagnose yourself with it.

Sure you could have some amount of adrenal or CNS fatigue, or you could just be somewhat reliant on the uppers.

Do you take some caffeine/etc for a preworkout, or do you also pound coffee and pills from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep?

Either way the solution is the same, back off them for awhile, its tempting to stay on your fat burners morning noon and night when trying to lose weight, but if you are inundated in stress hormones, they won’t be helping you as they ought to anyway.

I really do think I have adrenal fatigue to some degree. Very hard time getting up in the morning. My job isn’t very labor intensive yet I get very tired between 3-4, not every day, but if I sit down on the couch, I’m out like a light.

Here’s the thing, I don’t take any type of stimulant what so ever. I don’t drink coffee, tea or anything that has caffeine in it. I’m doing big beyond belief (the 4 day program) and my workouts are usually no longer than 45 min, so I highly doubt I’m over training. I might have 2-3 beers once per week on the weekend, but that’s it. I do need to add in 10-20min of conditioning after my workouts to help accelerate fat burning.

I am planning on adding in the HOT-ROX at the end of my diet phase. The last time that I lost weight I had visual abs, but I still have fat under my belly button region and this is when I plan on adding the HOT-ROX, to kick it up a notch.

So maybe its adrenal fatigue and maybe it isn’t? I guess the best thing to do would be to get myself feeling better before I add in any type of stimulant. I’ll look into the z-12 to see if it helps me get a better nights rest.

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