Ado's V-Diet

This is the start of an unexpected journey for me. A friend of mine purchased the V-Diet supplies, but due to unforseen events cannot do the program so I have ‘inherited’ the chance to do the V-Diet. I am totaly unprepared, but fully focused on completing the diet sucessfully.

I am a 38 year old male living in Brisbane, Australia. I had always been physically active while growing up, but when I relocated to Melbourne for work 13 years ago that stopped. My body weight didn’t change dramatically, but my body composition did, with muscle mass replaced by fat. Of course I was having too good a time to notice until one day I saw a photo of myself that shocked me - holy shit when did I get moobs?

After that I made more of an effort, but really it was more of a token effort. A six month holiday in 2002 backpacking around Europe probably put me in the worse shape of my life - but hey, beer was the same price as lemonade and smoking was pretty much encouraged - what’s a guy to do? Upon returning i was a pudgy 93kg (205 pounds) at 174cm (5 foot 7 inches).

Three years ago I moved back to Brisbane. I started playing soccer again, and started lifting weights (although I had no idea what I was doing. Protein shake? What’s that?). One year later I took up mountain biking as a way to increase fitness. The smile I had after my first day of riding single track didn’t leave my face for a week, so lifting took a back seat. Six months ago I discovered this web site and was blown away.

It seemed to have everything, it spoke to me, my language. Nutrition, working out, supplements, Atomic Dog, SAMA, Thibs…It would take years just to read the back catalogue, and there is something new and - more importantly - interesting everyday… Lifting was no longer in the back seat.

So i have been lurking around T-Nation for six months or so and now 1 day into the V-Diet. I have taken some hasty photos and will do the measurements and weigh in tomorrow. I have completed one work out (Tuesday is my usual lifting night - has to fit in with the soccer schedule). A rushed and unprepared start. The finish line is 27 days away.

Glad to have you on board!

Welcome to the V-Diet :wink: Keep us updated; and tell us more about mountain biking and all that. That sounds like fun. Wish there were mountains around these ugly old plains.

Looking forward to hearing about your progression.


[quote]AmateurAussie wrote:
A rushed and unprepared start. The finish line is 27 days away.[/quote]

How fun would life be if everything were in a straight line?

You’ll do great. Keep us posted!

Thanks for the words of encouragement Lisa and Joe (stay strong Lisa - I think you only have a few days to go). I have been following your threads for the last few weeks, great job both of you. I would have started closer to your start dates but Aust customs held up the shipment of Metabolic Drive - all 11 tubs. The folks at Biotest and fedex worked brilliantly to get the information to the authorities so the Metabolic Drive could be brought into the country.

And thanks for the welcome Chris. You are the inspiration and motivation for me to complete this V-Diet.

I will post later tonight when day 2 is finished and try to get a few before pics and stats up.

Last shake of the night. I really like the peanut flavour of this shake!

Took my measurements earlier tonight. Taken towards the end of the second day, I know that isn’t the best or most acurate way to do it, but as I said this whole journey took me by surprise.

(Not sure exactly how to “Americanise” the measurements but here goes)

height: 174cm or 5foot 7inches
weight: 88kg or 194pounds

L calf: 40cm or 15 3/4 inches
R calf: 40cm or 15 3/4 inches
L thigh: 61.5cm or 24 inches
R thigh: 61.5cm or 24 inches
Bum: 98.5cm or 38 3/4 inches
Waist: 91.5cm or 35 3/4 inches
Chest: 105cm or 41 1/4 inches
Neck: 41.5 or 16 1/8 inches
L bicep: 33cm or 13 inches
R bicep: 33cm or 13 inches
L f/arm: 29.5cm or 11 3/8 inches
R f/arm: 29.5cm or 11 3/8 inches

This should give me some added motivation.

I can’t believe I’m posting these pictures…

heheh :slight_smile:

Good luck bud will be following your progress.

Hey glad you got the pics and measurements up! You’ll be pleasantly surprised I bet after just one week. Looking forward to it!


You Americanized that very well! I think you are going to see awesome results at the end of the 28 days and transition.

And I agree the PB at the end of the day is the best part of this diet. I like to do my chocolate MD w/ just enough water to make a paste, add the PB, put it in the freezer a bit - tastes like a PB cup!

does it count that I (without thinking) licked a bit of strawberry jam off my fingers when making the monkeys their pancakes this morning?

Lunch time shake day three. I’m getting use to the choolate MD.

The littlest of the monkeys is stirring, and I though I was going to have a little quiet time to reflect…

Last shake of the night. Mmmm peanut butter. End of day three. Had a good walk this afternoon in the rain. Then had a good work out. Heavy, only twenty reps, but with short breaks I was panting and sweating it out. I am limited due to he fact that I am working out at home. I don’t have the weight to load up DB’s so I did BB bench press with 75kgs (165pounds) with good form. I would have liked to have a little more preparation but this weight seems OK for good speed and form.

I have been thinking about the diet and what exactly I want to get out of it. I have for the last six or so months (since lurking around T-Nation) wanting to put on a few kgs. Now I’m doing something to loose more than a few kgs. loosing the love handles will be great. Seeing more definition around the stomach will also be great. But will I then be able to build bigger lean muscle without ‘bulking’ and loosing that definition. Or am i at an age when it would be better to ‘cut’ now and just lift to maintain size and muscularity? I love lifting and working out, but injuries are starting to creep. I wanted to put on weight to be more of a presence on the soccer pitch, but would it be just as good to be leaner and fitter and and quicker and harder? Rather than just an immovable object? I guess these are retorical questions I am sitting here answering in my own mind. I know riding 100km xc will be easier the leaner I am.

One thing I do know after three days on the diet is that it’s not going to be easy. I ate fairly clean and healthy, but I’m not an Olympic athlete. I have a busy life with a young family. And food can be damn tasty. I had cravings for an anchovie pizza today. Just the base, sauce and anchovies…Looking forward to the HSM.

25 days to go…

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