Adjust, or Stay the Course?


I’ve just completed two weeks on V-Diet and have seen little change. Weight dropped from 225 to 219 in the first few days, and since then it tends to climb back up to 222, then work back down to 219, back up, down, etc. Pictures look identical to me, measurements are the same other than ~0.5" reduction at belly button. I’m 6’2", male, 35yo, and according to calipers 18% BF.

I walk for an hour a day, hard enough to get a good sweat - outdoors, up and down hills. Doing the intermediate lifting program. Challenges are hard, get a great sweat going. HSMs have been small, clean, and the most incredibly tasty meals of my life :slight_smile: Have not deviated from diet as written. Am using 4 HOT-ROX/day, and no added Leucine.

Should I continue on plan as it is, or make some adjustments (add more intense cardio, reduce intake, etc.)?

Thanks in advance.


First, please go by the weighing instructions in the diet: once per week, according to the scale rules listed. You’re driving yourself crazy with natural weight fluctuations.

Second, you may decrease the protein by one scoop per day if you feel that will help, but no more or you risk metabolism slowdown.

But here’s the big question: our records show you’ve never purchased from us, so how are you doing the V-Diet? I just want to make sure you’re actually doing the diet, and not some homemade, half-way version of it that doesn’t use the correct supplements.


I missed the weighing instructions, will go back and read through everything to make sure I’ve not missed something else.

Sorry for the confusion on the order - I could not log into my previous user account this morning so created a new one for this post. I ordered the package and have been following it as closely as I understood.

Should I expect to feel hungry? (I have not experienced hunger.) If not, then I will keep it exactly as is and stop weighing myself :slight_smile:



Okay, good deal.

Some people feel hungry on the V-Diet; others are so full they want to cut a shake. Everyone is different, and I expect that many who feel “hungry” are actually just having a craving – very different things.