Adjust Calories for Weight Loss?


I am starting the Velocity Diet today and have a couple of questions. The calculator tells you how much/how many calories to consume. Should this be adjusted down as you lose weight, or do you stick to the same plan throughout?

Also, I know the plan does not include cardio, but it it okay to ride my bike a few times per week. I rode 18 miles this weekend and will be training for a race in November.


Keep cals the same, and just follow the shake plan. They are already very low.

It’s better to avoid a lot of traditional cardio on the V-Diet. Light rides are fine and can replace the daily NEPA walk. With body fat loss, sport performance will increase in most activities, even if you’re not training them directly simply because the “excess baggage” is being removed and the body becomes more athletically functional: running, jumping, etc.


Thanks for the super-fast reply, Chris. I wasn’t sure what to do if the plan has me at between 1,590 and 1,920 initially and then I lost enough weight to where the calculator says between 1,485 and 1,815. I just don’t want to take in too many calories.


If you feel you need to drop, just drop one scoop of Metabolic Drive for the day. This is a slight adjustment, but does the trick. But drop too low and you risk metabolism slowdown and muscle loss.


Sounds good, thanks! Not sure I can handle 3 scoops of Metablic Drive at bedtime, so I will probably drop one there. Look forward to sharing some great results with you in July!