Adjust Calories During the V-Diet?

Has anyone else had to adjust their calorie intake on the V-Diet due to less than Velocity-like results?

Only a half pound lost this 2nd week. ARGH!!!

Strangely, this week I started taking HOT-ROX and BCAA’s so I thought results would be better.

I’m not going through a liquid diet just to lose a half pound a week.

Oh, and the measurements are even worse. Gained nearly one inch on the belly measurement and a half inch on the chest (using Myotape). I’m going to spare you all the string of expletives I let loose after measuring.

I don’t care if the scale doesn’t move much, just as long as my fat gut shrinks.

I have a lot of fat to lose (I’m 6’0" and 207, about 18-20% BF) and I thought I could be going a bit faster (my goal was 13.5 lbs lost in the 28 days).

Should up my calories 250 per day for this week and see what happens? Maybe my body is reluctant to drop much more weight, and a little extra food would be good (I’ve lost about 20 lbs over the past few months).

Overall I’m really grinding my gears trying to get below 200. If you read my training log, it’s been really difficult lately.

I don’t know what to do anymore because I’m doing everything right and it seems like it shouldn’t be this hard. Hell everyone else is reporting fantastic results, and here I am wondering what the hell is wrong with me.

I am on the diet also and the second week weight loss has been just 3 pounds. Is this common during the 2nd week of the diet? Does the weight loss pick back up during the next two weeks?

Umm…BabyJR…maybe it’s just me, but it looks like you are doing friggin’ outstanding from where I’m sitting.

Three pounds is awesome. 1/2 pound? I might as well be on Jenny Fucking Craig like the dozen other people in my office.

Thanks for the link, Makavali. But my question was if I should adjust calories up if fat loss has stalled.

I think that reader’s question was if he should re-adjust intake based on shifting levels of “maintenance” calories according to his new weight.

Don’t know what to advise, but I had the same experience on my first V-Diet attempt. (I stopped that time because I was so busy working on an urgent project that I had to budget myself bathroom breaks and was getting an hour of sleep a night�??forget about going to the gym. Ugh.) My first week�??or to be precise, my first 4-5 days�??were gangbusters, but then it just. stopped. The second week there was zero progress. I wasn’t taking measurements well, or regularly, so it’s possible I could still have been losing. My measurements were kind of unclear. And then I had to stop for the reasons I mentioned.

Now I’m on the V-Diet again (day 7), and taking measurements, so I’ll know.

In any case, I’m not sure I’d change anything. I’ve heard from other people who plateaued one week, and then the loss kicked right back in the next week.

Yeah I saw something similar, lost about 8 pounds the first week, two pounds the next, another 2 the third… My expectations were to loose 20 but I think I’ll lose 15 but there was a noticeable slowdown in the second week. What I did notice with the measurements though was that even though my weight remains about the same, my waist is definitely trimming, so I am personally pretty satisfied with the diet, aside from not eating real food… 4 days to go.

How’s it going, FatPixel? Weight loss pick up at all?

I weighed myself this morning (middle of the second week) and got really discouraged because I seem to be in a total stall myself. I switched a little while ago to the 35-pound-loss formula (I don’t have 35 pounds to lose, but for my height it’s about proportional) so I pretty much should be losing weight constantly, even within a week, right?

Well, I’m not giving up; this fat is going away no matter how long it takes. But I really want to be able to wear shorts or a skirt comfortably before the summer gets really nasty (I’m female and store a lot of weight in my thighs). Plus, even say I’m getting some detail of the diet wrong. Even then, how could it be that following this program shreds maybe 20 pounds of fat, BUT if you take 1 HOT-ROX instead of 2 or drink two Crystal Lights instead of one, or whatever, that you just don’t lose ANYTHING at all? --Even though you’re STILL at a crazy caloric deficit and getting practically all of those calories from protein and good fats, and lifting like crazy and walking several miles a day?

Hey Miss Thang, thanks for the check-in!

I’m fairly happy this week because my raising calories experiment seems to have worked.

I raised my daily limits on both training and non-training days 250 calories above formula recommendations (now 1750/2050), and by Thursday morning I was down another pound to 206. Belly measure is about 39.25, one half inch lost.

So that’s progress, but at this rate, I’m going to be lucky to lose 7 pounds on the V-Diet. Since I was using it to break a plateau, that’s ok. But I certainly won’t be doing it again soon.

I still have lots of fat to lose. By my estimate, about 28 lbs. I really don’t want that to take 28 weeks; I don’t think I can take dieting for another six months!

Also, I upped the cardio this week quite a bit, with 45 mins of walking each day. Don’t be fooled, that can be quite taxing if you do hills or an incline. My masseuse noticed tons of tension in my right leg today; I need recovery time.

I don’t think you should worry about the HOT-ROX and the minor details like that. Maybe you need to tinker with your calorie intake as well? Remember, 250 extra calories a day is very little, so maybe trying it for a week wouldn’t hurt if you are stalled.

Posting a PM from babyJR with his permission:

“…I weigh myself this morning and I lost NO WEIGHT. I cant believe this shit. Im at 1400cals non-training days and 1700 on training days. I am following it to a tee. All this hardwork with just “eating” liquids and I lose nothing? Im so pissd off man. What did you do to continue to lose weight after the week where you lost nothing? Any advice will help. Im in my last week of this diet.”

As mentioned above, I upped the calories 250 per day and started walking a lot more. On the surface, the two should cancel each other out, but I’m not sure that’s the case…

There was an article here called, “Can’t Prove It” which is one of my favorites.

One of the things I believe, but can’t prove (and I’m too lazy to research it…), is that my body won’t downregulate metabolism so long as I’m pretty close to my basal metabolic rate.

I think I was too far below my BMR and upping calories 250 per day got me within striking distance. My BMR according to a formula I read from one of CT’s articles is 2031, so I’m slightly above that on training days.

Now, 250 cals on intake and ~250 cals spent walking 45 mins is basically a wash. However, I don’t think my body wants to downregulate because I’m near the BMR. But maybe I just bought myself a week or two of compliance before another downregulation.

I’m still struggling to shed fat but I think I’m getting closer to my body’s ideal formula. The longer you have to diet for, the more you have to get everything right.

Good job breaking through the plateau, FatPixelStudios. Maybe now you can lower your calories again slowly and that might speed things up a bit?

Well, even if it does take you 28 weeks more, it’s not like you’re going to be stuck where you are now for 28 weeks. You’re going to continue to improve in the meantime, even if you’re not at your goal yet. :slight_smile:

Anyway, my personal solution was going to be to do more NEPA and just get stricter, because I had been starting to “tweak” and make silly bargains with myself. (Oh, I can have this peanut butter instead of the fish oil caps, etc.)

Unfortunately, though, I fell totally off the wagon this weekend (“fell” . . . who am I kidding, I jumped :\ ) so maybe that will amount to the same thing as upping the calories. ;p I’ll admit, I think a bit of that was due to me trying a different brand of protein that was just less satisfying going down, and left me craving more food. I learned my lesson!

Luckily I don’t think the damage was as bad as it could have been, but I won’t find out till my weigh-in date on Tuesday. My body has this magical ability to manufacture like three pounds out of a surplus of maybe 300 calories.

So I’m kind of scared that the total surplus this weekend of MAYBE 1000 calories (normally less than a pound of fat) will translate to me regaining the entire 5 pounds I’ve lost so far.

I think I’m going to start a log here to keep me honest. And so that people can point out the minute differences in my appearance to keep me motivated.

I just don’t know if I should count it as “starting over” or just keep going onto week 3. In any case, I HAVE to lose at least 10 pounds more. I’m just afraid that if I start a log everyone will jump on me, because I’m so short that my numbers are going to look VERY low, when they aren’t really, for someone my size.

Sorry for the dissertation . . . guess I should save it for my log next time!

You’re 207 lbs and you’re consuming 1750 cal on non training days? I must have misunderstood something.

If I didn’t, your calories are way off and it’s no wonder you’re not losing weight.

I was 242 when I started the V-Diet and my calculations showed my non training calorie requirement to be at 1670 cal.

According to the calculation I just made, you should consume 1490 cal on non-training days.

I hope I understood your post correctly. I lost 24 lbs on this diet and there is no reason why you shouldn’t reap the same benefits.

Well, I would have liked to reap the same benefits, but for whatever reason, I lost a very modest amount of weight, which I am fine with.

I think Chris would be the first to say that the formulas given are merely a guideline, and if things aren’t working, then make a change.

Over the past 3 months I’ve been tracking calories, it seemed that the lower I went, the harder it is to lose. So I upped them and started losing again. Doesn’t make sense blindly adhering to formulas that are trying to accommodate tens of thousands.

Hmm…sounds like you’ve been either dieting for too long in 1 go or have been eating incorrect amounts of kcal/nutriets for a long periode. Then it isn’t strange you’ll lose more if you up the calories, because then you’ll be stimulating your metabolism to wake and actually work. Then after a while you can attempt the v-diet with the proper kcals from Shug’s formula’s.

In my case I didn’t lose a lot, except fluids, in the first week or 2. The last two weeks made up for it in no time and lost cm’s around my waist daily.

So either re-calculate that you get proper kcal or quit and get your metabolism up to speed before doing the V-diet. I don’t think Chris would be the first to say to change things about the V-diet. Heck all I read from him is quite the opposite. Doesn’t mean you can’t be a stubborn ass and make adjustments anyway though :wink: But don’t come complaining if the results worsen.

[quote]Universl wrote:
According to the calculation I just made, you should consume 1490 cal on non-training days.

I hope I understood your post correctly. I lost 24 lbs on this diet and there is no reason why you shouldn’t reap the same benefits.[/quote]

I got a feeling your math is off. I’m only 150 lbs. and I get a non workout calorie allowance of 1970?!? Am i missing something?


You must be using the wrong calculations if your non-workout calorie allowance is 1970.

[quote]Falstyr wrote:
I don’t think Chris would be the first to say to change things about the V-diet. Heck all I read from him is quite the opposite. [/quote]

I just want to clarify that I do not advocate (or think Chris advocates) changing “things” about the V-Diet, save for adjusting calories according to what your body needs. That was not what I wrote in the above post.

And you are correct that I was dieting for a long time, without cheats of any kind, prior to beginning my V-Diet period.

Chris has said before not to adjust calories DURING the V-Diet.

Hence… don’t change them.

[quote]FatPixelStudios wrote:
And you are correct that I was dieting for a long time, without cheats of any kind, prior to beginning my V-Diet period.[/quote]

Define diet.

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