Additions to MAG-10?

Folks, I am curious if adding things to MAG-10 is detrimental to it? What I am talking about are things like creatine, and L-leucine. I usually add creatine pre workout, and I have read that L-leucine is beneficial post workout (Anaconda peri-workout). So any downside to adding these supplements?


There is no need to add leucine or other aminos to <a href=""target=“new”>Mag-10. The protein in Mag-10 is comprised of a unique di- and tripeptide complex that’s transported - unaltered, requiring no further breakdown - directly into the bloodstream. And the particular di-/tripeptide mixture found in Mag-10 produces effects in muscle that go far beyond simple amino acids from other protein sources. Plus, it could alter the effectiveness of Mag-10.

Adding creatine is fine if you like it.

Would taking a pre-work out such as jack3d or c4 alter the effects of Anaconda?

[quote]mk325 wrote:
Would taking a pre-work out such as jack3d or c4 alter the effects of anaconda?[/quote]

Probably not, though we can’t say for sure since those are not our supplements.

for what it is worth- I have taken both of those and you will not need them when you take Plazma. There is no comparison. Those other supps. are simply caffeine and ephedra type products that jack your nervous system all the hell. While Plazma truly makes you feel and you are stronger and can do more each workout and set. I never, ever take that crap now! I actually gave it away to a guy at the gym.

I’m adding additional carbs to MAG-10 for 3 of my MAG-10 pulses everyday (I have settled on a total of 4 pulses a day). No negative repercussions to efficacy as far as I can tell except for a feeling of much fuller muscles.

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