Additional Supps with Indigo-3G for Fat Loss

I started taking Indigo-3G back in Nov., when I wasn’t eating a whole lot of carbs to begin with. The resulting body composition (body-fat moving to a more “masculine” position and actual tricep and pec development in spite of no real improvement in lifts being the most prominent) convinced me that Inigo-3G did something.

Then I ran out and decided, in hindsight an idiotic decision, to start taking dextrose with my PWO-shake. Previously I drank whole milk along with the protein powder of my choice. Probably would have been fine if I still had Indigo-3G to take with it, but I didn’t. I went for a month and half or so like this, and as a result gained about 5lb of both muscle and fat, but what seems to be mostly fat.

I’ve since started taking Indigo-3G again, and this seems to have stopped whatever dextrose did to me- I’m steadily gaining muscle definition and weigh stays roughly the same. The thing is the fat around my waist seems really stubborn.

Now, I’d ordinarily just wait until it goes away on its own, but certain circumstances force me to take some drastic measures, and I would like some advice on what to take with Indigo-3G to improve fat burning.

I know the most obvious answer is HOT-ROX or some sort of dedicated fat burner, but I’m very bad with stimulants. The most I can handle is a cup of coffee in the morning. So I’m looking for something that doesn’t include stimulants, and I honestly don’t know what to take. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Indigo-3G alone is already excellent for your purpose, and as you say fat burners in general include stimulants.

Carbolin 19 does not include any stimulant and in itself has a perceived feel of being either only lightly stimulatory or no particular stimulant feel at all, so it might meet your needs.

As it’s not out in the hands of anywhere near as many customers as many other products, I was favorably surprised to see it as one of the most-mentioned products in the “Five Favorite Biotest Supplements” thread. (Not up there with the workout products or I3G however.)

In any case, it works well, but probably is not suited to most because people in general want a stimulant when they’re looking for a fat loss product. However as you’re not, you might find it suitable.

Yes, sounds like <a href=""target=“new”>Carbolin 19 might be perfect for your situation.

Thank you, I’ll give Carbolin 19 a try!

Hi again. Just posting here because I don’t want to clutter the board.

Any idea when Inigo-3g will be restocked?

[quote]magick wrote:
Hi again. Just posting here because I don’t want to clutter the board.

Any idea when Inigo-3g will be restocked?[/quote]

You’ll need to contact Biotest customer service for that info.

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