Adding to Mag-10 and Plazma?

I started using Mag10 and Plazma several weeks ago and even did Mag10 fast. I will say I have been pleased with both. I recently purchased a bottle of MicroPA but I haven’t started taking it yet. I was also thinking about adding Carbolin19. I want to make sure I am taking these at the right times for workout and non-workout days. Will these work well together?
I have been taking Plazma as directed (drink half 15mins prior to workout and sip the rest over the workouts duration. That’s easy for gym days. On days I run I am not sure how to do it like this. I don’t want to run with the drink container. Do you have a recommendation?
I take Mag10 after my workout and then another dose mid afternoon. Is this good for gym and run days? What about non-workout days?
I want to add the MicroPA I purchased. The label indicates when best to take that for workout and non-workout days. I’ll stick with that unless I suggest something different.
Is adding Carbolin19 a good “stack” for these? I’m (I hate to say this) skinny-fat. I’m not out of shape but I’ve been better and definitely fluffier than I want to be.
My biggest concern is taking these at the best times workout days (gym days and run days) and then on non-workout days. I know that’s a lot and I appreciate any advice to make sure I’m on the right track. Thanks again.


Plazma isn’t necessary for cardio workouts. It’s overkill. Just Mag-10 is fine for that. Ideally, you’d have Mag-10 during the run. Having it right after would be the next best choice.

On non-training days, Mag-10 is fine anytime between meals. I actually have a serving before bed.

Carbolin 19 could be a good addition to help drop some fat. Or if you want to bump things up even more, go with Indigo-3G instead. It’s nutrient partitioning effects will let you optimize fat loss by getting your body to process carbs more efficiently, so you don’t have to drop carbs to lose fat.

Simplify as much as possible.

Training days: Micro-PA before training. Plazma before and/or during lifting. Mag-10 during or after running.

Non-training days: Micro-PA anytime, preferably before a serving of Mag-10. Mag-10 between meals and/or before bed.

Thanks for the advice. I’m going to give Indigo-3G a go.

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