Adding Peanut Flour to Shakes?

Hi! Is it ok to add in a little peanut flour to shakes for flavoring (not the kind with added ingredients, sugar, etc- just plain flour)? Maybe use just a little less protein powder to make up for the few extra calories? Thanks!

I’d defer to the V-Diet book on this one.

“[…] after a couple of weeks on the V-Diet you may want to experiment with new flavoring. Experiment away. The only rule is this: You cannot add anything to the shakes that adds calories […]”

Like, technically you probably could swap out some peanut flour (at 10-15 calories per Tbsp) for a small amount of protein powder in a shake, but that’s starting a slippery slope that you may or may not be able to get away with.

The macros of the shake would change (slightly, but they’d still change). And that can always leave the door open to “Peanut flour was an okay swap, so maybe a teeny tiny spoon of peanut butter in a shake would be okay as long as I reduce the HSM calories later to balance it out for the day.”

It’s flirting with trouble, so all in all I’d look into some calorie-free syrups to change up the flavors instead. Adding flour might also change the consistency for the worse (I’m guessing here, thinking it would dry it out a bit), so that might not be worth the hassle either.

Additionally, even if you could sub out the exact amount of cals in the protein for peanut flour, the protein in the peanut flour is not whey and not a complete protein, so you won’t get the same muscle building benefits as you could from the Metabolic Drive. The MD is already pretty thick and tasty.

A good call here. Xanathan gum is a popular, no calorie thickener added to shakes. Walden Farms also makes a decent 0 cal chocolate syrup. Cinnamon is another delicious addition.

I added psyllium husk powder to all of my shakes. Thickens them up, didn’t really change the flavor. “Carbs” is all fiber, so don’t count as added calories.

Fiber and fish oil were 2 of Dan John’s secrets to health. My cholesterol was checked in the middle of the V-Diet, was great.

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