Adding Fat Burner: Carbolin 19 or Hot-Rox?

Im currently taking Indigo 3G, Micro PA, MAG-10 and Plazma. Would Carbolin 19 or HOT-ROX benefit this stack?


Are you trying to cut fat? If so, they could be of benefit. I would suggest stacking the Carbolin 19 with the HOT-ROX (add one capsule of Carbolin 19 to each dose of HOT-ROX), to up the forskolin intake a bit.

Yes I am trying to burn fat and gain muscle. Tough to build muscle while playing basketball 5 times per week…so I am now only playing once per week. I eat very clean…except for weekends during the summer…I ate clean just drank lots of corona lite. I am reducing or eliminating beer consumption. Just need to fix what the beer left behind. I still got abs just need to true them up.


I would say, for best results from Carbolin 19, it would take 2 bottles per month (two capsules twice a day). If you take HOT-ROX with it, HOT-ROX contains Carbolin 19 already, so you can reduce the supplemental Carbolin 19 down to 1 capsule. So for a month run it would be 1 bottle of HOT-ROX + 1 bottle of Carbolin 19.

I don’t honestly see a need for an extra fat burner or Carbolin 19 given your current VERY powerful stack. Indigo-3G alone tends to make most fat burners unnecessary, unless you just add in HOT-ROX when you get very near your goal to bring it all home.

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