Adding Carbs to MAG-10 During Workout?

For various reasons I’m trying to keep the vast majority of my carbs pre- and during-workout. I’ll be consuming a P+C meal 90min out, but was looking to further up insulin levels while I train. I have two main options that I’m looking at:

  1. Cyclic Dextrin (but i’d like to avoid purchasing more supplements; limited budget)

  2. Juice (A relative’s health condition has me juicing veggies and fruits for her; she’s often told me to make some for myself with the ingredients she buys so this is essentially free).

First question: would ingesting carbs while sipping MAG-10 during the workout interfere with its effectiveness?

Second question: If it’s okay to ingest carbs with MAG-10, would there be a problem with picking the Juice option and sipping that as well? It’d probably come to 75g carbs, fyi.

Thanks again for any help.


Fruit and vegetable juice really does nothing for you around the peri-workout period. It’s better to use Mag-10 by itself than hamper the formula with juice. This article gets into the details of the goals of workout nutrition:

If the budget is tapped as far as specialized workout nutrition supplements goes, your best bet is to use Mag-10 around your workout, and concentrate the extra carbs you want in your pre and post-workout solid meal.

In the future you may want to look into <a href=""target=“new”>Surge Workout Fuel given your goals, instead of Mag-10. (I’m assuming Plazma isn’t in the cards for you right now.)

Thanks for the advice, Chris. I’ll check out SWF.


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