Adding Carbolin 19 or Not?

Currently on about month 2 of Plazma, Mag10, Micro PA, and Indigo 3g. I am 49 and have been training for about 35 years. Until I tried this I had a huge problem with recovery. Not anymore. I love these products. However, I have a buddy I put on carbolin just to try and see and he loves it. Should I keep on keeping on with what I am on or should I add or replace a product with Carbolin. Just curious about how to keep moving forward and getting the biggest bang for the buck.

I definitely wouldn’t drop one of the things you’re using just to sub in Carbolin-19, because it’s not a substitute for any of them and it works differently.

It also tends to help more when you’re looking to drop fat and preserve muscle, so like if you’re in a muscle-building/growth phase or on a strength-focused plan, it wouldn’t be necessary. It couldn’t hurt, but it wouldn’t be 100% effective since your training and nutrition wouldn’t be coordinated with it for maximum impact.

But if you are trying to get lean, then for sure you could include it with your current stack, no problem at all. Follow the label use (two servings a day, like before breakfast and lunch or before training and before a meal) and you’d be good to go.

It can sometimes have a mild stimulant effect in some people (it doesn’t contain any caffeine or stimulants, it’s just what it is), so be aware of that and start with a lower dose to see if you “feel” anything from it.

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