Added Some Muscle and Too Much Fat

Hi Chris

I have followed layer system using Plazma at first 3 scoops I pre workout with Indigo with 2 during training,
typically 7:00 am MAG-10 1 serving
7:30 4 boiled eggs or 2 scoops Metabolic Drive with coconut oil and blueberries
10: MAG-10 pulsw
10:45 Indigo and first 500 ml Plazma
11:30 train 45 minutes to 60 minutes
1 pm MAG-10
1:30 lunch normally chicken or beef lots of green stuff and a small serving of rice or rice pasta.
4:00 MAG-10
7:00 Pm dinner normally beef with veggies
10:00 Pm MAG-10 with Z12 and Flameout

Any suggestions for losing the spare tire I developed should I lose one meal and add another MAG-10 pulse or add a second dose of Indigo

Or do I just need to do some conditioning?

Any input would be helpful

All your food choices look great, but you may have shot past the “sweet spot” of intake when it comes to overall calories. While <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G allows people to eat more than they used to, it’s still possible to overshoot.

Are you doing any conditioning work now?

Two suggestions: With Indigo-3G in you, it doesn’t take much in the way of fine-tuning calories and carbs to shift toward fat loss, while keeping the muscle and strength gains coming. My general guidelines are to back down by about 200 calories per day (a couple of those eggs for example) then add 10 minutes of conditioning work to the end of your weight training session, or add some extra conditioning on off days.

Examples: Perform 10 minutes or so of intense conditioning work after your weight training or in another session. Choices include sled work, Prowler, battle ropes, sprints, kettlebell swings, jump rope, and things of that nature.

One of my favorites is to do kettlebell swings, ab work during rest periods, then more kettlebell swings, repeated. It will feel like a very long 10 minutes! If I do this as a separate training session or an otherwise “off” day, I’ll have a serving of MAG-10 around the workout.

The key is not to overdo it. No need for a low-carb diet and running for example.

Your idea of replacing one meal with a Mag-10 pulse would work too, and fast to boot, but no need to go hungry or anything. A slight tweak in calories and added conditioning work will do the trick painlessly.

As far as it goes I started the conditioning along those line about 2 weeks ago.
so I will start with smaller solid meals. and try conditioning on off days as well.

I was thinking of going for 4 weeks of instead of 2 meals Lunch and dinner

use Metabolic Drive as one of the meals.

Thanks for your help

Also worth considering:

(1) Drop the rice from the post-wo meal on the days you have the Metabolic Drive/Blueberries/Coconut Oil combo in the morning, and replace with raw nuts (about 1/4 C. for every 4-6 oz. animal source protein).

(2) Keep the rice in your post-wo meal on the days you have the eggs in the morning, and follow this template for the majority of the week (e.g., weekdays only).

(3) Drop the rice from your post-wo meal on the days you have the eggs in the morning, replace with raw nuts (as in the above option), and follow this template for a couple days out of the week only (e.g., over the weekend).

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