Adapting to Brain Candy?


Hey Chris,
First off, great job guys on the Brain Candy. I know I know, I’m late to the party, but I was pretty skeptical if a drink wld actually improve my sense of well being.

So when I was getting ready to re-order some Spike, I thought “why not, I’ll give it an exclusive run to see if I notice anything…”

2 weeks in, using only Brain Candy, and hand to god, I can truly notice a difference! I dnt knw how to describe it, but I’m more jovial?

So my question is, the cognitive ingredients, will the body adapt/build tolerance to them over time? Like it does to caffeine? Will the sensation lesson overtime, and I need to take a break from it like caffeine?

Also, any plans for Biotest to start doing giftcards? I knw what I’d ask for every B-day and Cmas!

P.S. a decaf Brain Candy with a spike shooter is my favorite Biotest cocktail. To expensive to do everyday, but allow it on the wkends.

Oh yeah, and u guys rock.


Thanks! Aside from the caffeine in the caffeinated version of <a href=""target=“new”>Brain Candy, you should not notice any adaptation and there’s no need to cycle it. In fact, regular or daily use of Brain Candy tends to produce a better effect over time. And of course, we have <a href=""target=“new”>Brain Candy Caffeine Free if one did want to ease off the caffeine but still keep the other ingredients.

Drop a note to Customer Service about the gift certificates ( I know Biotest used to do that, but it may be a call-in only thing now, I’m just not sure.


Awesome Chris, thanks so much for quick reply. Also, what about with drawls? Will I notice a crash of any sorts if I decide to take a break? Not talking about from the caffeine, cos’ I take a break from caffeine every 3 months. But from the cognitive blend?


You won’t notice a crash or a withdrawal. The thing with Brain Candy and other supplements is that after you use them for a while you “adapt” to feeling good or more energetic all the time. This becomes what I call your “new normal.” When you stop taking Brain Candy, you don’t crash but you may return back to “normal-normal”. That’s when people really notice what supplements like this are doing for them – when they stop and return to normal! It’s not a crash but just going back to being non-enhanced. (Same thing happens with workout nutrition - you really realize how much it’s doing for you only when you no longer have it.)


Gotchya, you explained it great!

Thanks so much!