Adam's V-Diet Training Log

Hello Fellow V-Dieters. My name is Adam and I have not worked out seriously in about 10 years… OUCH. It is definitely time to get back into it, and I think the V-Diet is the perfect way to re-condition myself to live an athletic life.

I did Dan Duchane’s Bodyopus in college, so I know the demands of a diet like this. I’m reasonably confident that if I can make it 3 days, each day thereafter will get significantly easier. I’ll definitely need and will appreciate everyone’s support - especially the first week. I’m under no illusions that this will be difficult. I plan to post frequently, even if it is a sentence or two.

I will hopefully include a picture tomorrow. I went to take one and my camera ran out of batteries.

Here are my measurements… Wish me luck… Day one is tomorrow.


Height 6’3"
Weight 225
Neck 16 1/2
Shoulders 49 1/2
Chest - Upper 42 1/2
Chest - Lower 42
Waist - at Navel 40
Waist - at largest 40
Hips - at largest 41 1/4
Upper Arm - L 15
Upper Arm - R 15 1/2
Upper Leg - L 23
Upper Leg - R 24 1/4
Lower Leg - L 15
Lower Leg - R 15
Ankle - L 9 1/4
Ankle - R 9

Day one good so far… off to the gym…

Alright so day 2 was much more difficult than day 1. I kicked my ass in the gym and felt hungry and tired all day. Its amazing to me how much more aware you are of food when you are dieting. The billboards seem to jump out at you, your sense of smell is heightened… I now understand why McDonalds spends so much money running TV commercials all day.

Off to go see a movie in a few… Day 2 almost done.

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