Adam's V-Diet Log

Alright. Well I am pretty late on starting this up.

I just finished up my 7th day of the V-Diet. I started out at 187.2. I weighed myself this morning and was 183.6 which is pretty good for a week considering that I have “cheated” on about 3 meals as well as had 6 drinks this past weekend.

My goal weight is between 172 and 175 and I think this is attainable if I can keep on the program.

Issues with the diet: I am getting pretty dizzy taking 4 HOT-ROX a day. 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Makes me dizzy for about 2 hours after I take them and I about passed out working out yesterday. Also all the meals I have cheated on have been healthy and my problem was never eating healthy per say and now I am finding myself so ravenous at times I can’t even stand it.

I will post some update pictures when the 4th week is done.

Any suggestions on the “being so hungary I could eat styrofoam so long as it filled my stomach” problem would be awesome.

[quote]smithskiman wrote:

Any suggestions on the “being so hungary I could styrofoam so long as it filled my stomach” problem would be awesome.[/quote]

Yes, stick to the shakes and stop drinking booze.

You’re never going to kick the bad habits by cheating multiple times. It takes about 21 days of cold turkey to kick a habit. Every time you cheat you basically start that 21-day process over.

Update: Weighed myself this morning after official 7 days on V-Diet.

Starting Weight: 187.2

After 7 Days on V-Diet Weight: 181.4

Total Weight LOST on V-Diet: 5.8 lbs

Makes my goal of 175 seem alot more attainable.

Looking forward to my workout tonight. I’m gonna tear it up!

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