Adam's V-Diet Journey

Day 1
Against the better judgement from Chris I have decided to move forward with my V-Diet even though I just had arthroscopic surgery on my shoulder a week ago. The reason I have chosen to do so is based on my expectations and my goals for doing the V-Diet in the first place. It doesn’t have as much to do with the physical strength and fitness gains as much as it has to do with the nutritional reset that I am looking to achieve.

Over the past few years I have put on roughly 20 lbs, some muscle some fat. My eating has been horrific (ice cream, pizza, beer, repeat). So here goes Project Reset…we will see what happens. I do know this much about myself…I will need to rely on a support group to get me through this process as Dan John I believe once said (I may be mistaken) but “free will” is what gets in the way of people’s abilty to succeed.

Did my first workout this morning. Based on my limited capabilities due to the shoulder, I plan on modifying the “beginner” workouts while keeping the spirit of them. I felt great doing today’s workout and plan on improving my capacity over my shoulder recovery.

Good Luck! I’ll be checking in on your log to see how your doing.

CPR - thanks. It is amazing how much “happiness” I place in poor food choices.

Day 2
Uneventful day today. Drank my shakes popped my pills and tried to not think about the next 28 days…just kept it to the next 3 hours. I did drop a splash of coffee in my lunch and midday shakes and I liked it. 10 shakes down…140 to go.

“Nutritional reset”… I like that term!

Keep us posted!

Day 3
I have quickly learned that this process will (for me) have 10% to do with body composition changes and 90% to understanding not only why I crave the foods that I do but understanding the connection I have cultivated over the years to the temporary and short-lived “happiness” that I expect to receive by consuming…it is always fleeting. I have always joked, due to a relatively high metabolism, that the only difference between me and a “Biggest Loser” contestant is about 200 lbs. I eat to fill something as a coping mechanism due to stress, etc. It has become apparent over the last few days and just an observation. Enough of the “couch talk”. :slight_smile:

Uneventful from the shake/supplement perspective today…isn’t it always the same, just a different day.

Weight Workout
*Left arm only due to shoulder surgery, beginner workout modified.

A - Suitcase DB Deadlift @ 60x10, 70x10, 70x10, 70x10, 80x10
B - Single Arm Lat Pulldown @ 60x10, 80x10x4
C - Standing Shoulder DB Press @ 10x40, 10x50, 10x40, 5x40, 8x40, 7x40
D - Side Plank Hold @ :30x5

Day 4


:30 minutes on elliptical easy pace HR = < 110/

Punching the clock…

Good luck mate!

Day 5

Thanks Tammy.

Steady…same as yesterday and more of the same tomorrow. Getting into a groove and feeling pretty good. A little nervous about the weekend…idle time lead to weak moments. :). But pretty soon the investment in time and effort will out weigh the attraction to fall into past behaviors.

Workout - Beginner (Modified)
Good Morning Smith Machine - 12-12-10-6 reps with 50 lbs
Incline DB Bench Press (Left Arm Only) - 13-12-8-7 reps with 45 lbs
Wide Grip Machine Row (Left Arm Only) - 10-10-10-10 reps with 40 lbs
Leg Raise - :45 secs x 4 sets

10 minute treadmill warm up @ incline 5 and speed 4.0

30 minute elliptical earlier in the day HR <120

Day 6

Great day. Already noticing a reduction in waist, etc. Dropped some pounds and feeling good.

Yard work for an hour (not sure I have done yard work in at least 15 years)

Chased my 3 year old around.

Day 7

Tough couple of days. Had my first real cup of coffee in a week yesterday and feel like it completely set me off. Felt nauseous all day and triggered a little panic throughout the day and into today.

Had my HSM this evening. Started off with some raw vegetables and a little hummus, a few olives, then steak, grilled sweet potatoes and grilled broccoli. Overall felt fine eating and really savored each bite.

V-Burn Challenge (modified due to shoulder surgery) > 24:55

  A1      Body-Weight Squat
* A2      Hand Walkout â?? from knees > subbed with Toe Touches
  A3      Single-Leg Deadlift
* A4      Push-Up > subbed with 40lbs DB Single Arm Swings (KB Swings)
* A5      Jumping Jack > subbed with Box Jumps
* A6      Reverse Lunge â?? overhead reach > subbed no overhead reach
* A7      Pike Push-Up > subbed with 40lbs single arm DB Clean and Jerk
* A8      Mountain Climber > High knee toe touches on 20inch box

*Exercises that I had to modify.

Felt great to get a really good sweat going and haven’t had a great workout like that in awhile due to my shoulder issues.

Walked on incline 1 and speed 4.0 for 20 minutes

Pictures and numbers tomorrow.

Day 8
*Picture day

Pretty significant cravings towards the end of the day. Overall weight loss teeters around 4-5lbs. Started to take my measurements, but stopped, realizing my changes are not going to be earth shattering and I kept second guessing if I took them accurately the first time…so I am just going by how I feel in my clothes, combined with how I feel in general, and my weight. Again, the goal is “nutritional reset” not overall weight loss, etc.

15 minute warm up walk (Incline 1 Speed 4.0)
Weight Workout
40 minute walk in the afternoon (Incline 1 Speed 4.0)

Day 9

Getting tougher but survived another day.

:30 minutes treadmill (incline 1 speed 4.0)

Day 10

Finally the double digits. The “inner body” has still not relinquished the desire to control the impulses for poor eating choices, however I continue to forge on. It is amazing also at the self rationalization that goes on in my mind…and how I almost have convinced myself that doing this for two weeks would be just fine…etc.


Weight workout today
No real dedicated NEPA other than my usual daily NEPA activities.

Day 11

More of the same…

Keep with it man.

Day 12

Thanks IPB!

Shakes, supps, rinse, repeat

Going well.

Day 13

Punching the clock…

Big HSM meal event. My wife and I headed to Mastros Ocen Club for a two week celebration with a 14ocs filet, beefsteak tomato and mozzarella salad…perhaps over indulged on the volume of food but can’t take these things TOO serious…where will we go next week??

Good times, I do feel a change and the resetting is taking shape.

Day 14

On the hump and rolling over it…

V-Burn Challenge 1 (modified due to shoulder surgery) > 24:55
**Had to stop the V-Burn Challenge 2 due to not being able to do my modified V-Challenge because of my shoulder…due to a knee issue that I will be getting an MRI on later this week.

Again, the goal for me is a refresh on my nutritional drivers, which I am making great headway on.

The physical aspects are frustrating for me due to my need and desire to be active, but I can’t control those things at this point. I may modify my modified V-Burn Challenge…but we will see what the MRI says.

Elliptical - 20:00 aggressive.

Pictures tomorrow.

Day 15

Still doing it.

Pictures forthcoming.

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